The War | The Ceristen series, Book Four

by Verity A. Buchanan

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781649603524

548 pages

Price: $19.99

Icon of prosperity and security to the public eye, Orden hides many a weakness underneath.

When a jealous feud spanning manslaughter, trade rights, and generations erupts to life, the politics of nations suddenly become an everyday concern for young Mordred Kenhelm, whose civilian life is uprooted in the first upheavals of war.

Mordred is on the run—from guilt, from trauma, and from a vicious bitterness destroying him from the inside out. He’s all too eager to escape into the recklessness of every high-risk mission that comes his way. But wounds cannot be neglected forever, and seeking to do so may put more lives than his own at risk.

The War follows the villagers we know and love as their paths diverge and converge over the waves of a brutal conflict. It descends into the complexities of loss, loyalty, and forgiveness, and demonstrates the poison of hatred and the vital need of repentance. It is a story of the broken who heal, a story of coming home.


Verity A. Buchanan lives in the rugged hills of Northern Michigan, where the bitter winters provide vivid inspiration for her writing and plenty of excuses to make hot chocolate. A long-time lover of fantasy, she writes stories of the real and the broken, shot with the light of the Word. Fantasy shouldn’t have to always be about kings and crowns and evil overlords—the nameless refugees and the blacksmith with the quirky accent matter, too. In all her writing, Verity aims to show the extraordinary hidden in the ordinary: to make the familiar new.