The Wild Rose of Lancaster | The Wildrose Trilogy, Book 1

by Ruth Ellinger

Genres: Fiction

ISBN: 9781932307382

392 pages

Price: $12.99

When her young husband dies, Elizabeth Davidson Cameron attempts to make a life for herself and her young son.

Alone, and overwhelmed by grief, she loses everything—even her faith. Forced to return to Wildrose, the family-owned farm situated in the picturesque Ohio Valley, Elizabeth defies social proprieties and seeks employment.

Born with the fiery blood of her Scottish father and grandfather, sons of clan Davidson, Elizabeth vows to succeed without the aid of God or family.

Bitter toward God over the untimely death of her husband, Elizabeth refuses help from her affluent father, the controlling and powerful Isaac James Davidson. Isaac is angered when Elizabeth takes a job as a nurse for a local doctor and his invalid wife. Their bitter clashes drive Elizabeth from Wildrose—but not from the prayers of her Christian mother and devoted brother, Jacob. Befriended by the doctor and his wife, Elizabeth is challenged to return to her faith, but not without facing herself in a tempestuous struggle of wills.

The Wild Rose of Lancaster is a fantastic story of human and divine love.

The Wild Rose of Lancaster is book one in The Wildrose Trilogy.

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Award-winning author, Ruth Carmichael Ellinger, was born and raised in the picturesque Ohio Valley, the setting for, The Wild Rose of Lancaster. A pastor’s wife, she has spent many years in various facets of Christian ministry, evangelistic and missionary work. Writing has been an integral part of that ministry. Her contributions are numerous.

Ruth enjoys researching her Scottish roots and her ancestral lineage awarded her membership in the prestigious Daughters of the American Revolution. She lives in Brandon Florida with her husband, Wright. They have four grown children