The Withering

by P.S. Patton

Genres: Fantasy, Fiction

ISBN: 9781649602138

396 pages

Price: $17.99

How far would you go to protect the ones you love?

After the apocalyptic “Days To Come” have come and gone, four orphans who have nothing left but each other set out across the desert in search of a sorcerer, in hopes of finding a way off of their dying world. What they find sparks disagreement about what to believe and who to trust. The unsettling answers they uncover will force each of them to face ghosts from their past as they come to grips with their own purpose, faith, and identity.

As the final stages of The Withering threaten to end their world, Rho, Meeja, Jeema, and Nod must fight against deception, lies, and unholiness as they try to weigh the world-altering ramifications of their ultimate decision. They have a chance to leave their dying world, but at what cost?


P.S. Patton is a husband and father of two, who spent his early years reading superhero comics, writing and illustrating comics of his own, learning the secrets of the ooze, the balance of the force, the deeper magic from before the dawn of time, awakening the wind fish, shooting marbles and slamming pogs, collecting and trading Pokémon cards, rescuing Hyrule, becoming the Hero of Time, searching the scriptures, studying eschatology, and feeling just as—if not more—fascinated with the worlds of Shakespear, Dickens, Salinger, and Steinbeck; as with those of Rowling, King, Lewis, and Tolkien. He currently resides in the small town of Templeton, CA with his wife and best friend Andrea, his two children Sophie and Phin, and a rambunctious Boston Terrier named Rocket, who more than lives up to his name.