The Wonted Voice of Forgiveness

by Mary Cates

Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, Romance

ISBN: 9781649602060

168 pages

Price: $16.99

After his wife’s death, Marco Ricci feels all alone. Although he has his sister and her family, Marco wants someone with whom he can share his life. When he meets Katie, he is sure that God has sent him the answer to his prayers.
But Katie is married to an abusive man, who has been paralyzed in a tragic accident. Committed to staying true to her vows and her God, she settles into a life of caring for an ungrateful husband, hoping that God might have more for her someday.
With a broken heart, Marco decides to leave Katie behind and head back home to find a new life. Throwing himself into his work with his brother-in-law and nephews, he still finds himself lonely and seeking for something more. As he loses sight of what really matters, he carelessly makes a decision that alters the course of his life.
In despair he wonders if God will forgive and repair what has been broken. Can God bring beauty from ashes and make all things new again?
In The Wonted Voice of Forgiveness, Mary Cates tackles some of the hard questions of love, lust, and forgiveness and points the reader to a God Who loves us, even when we neglect to follow His plan.


Mary Cates has enjoyed several careers throughout her busy lifetime – school nurse, freelance writing, and published author. After enjoying a short career as a feature writer for a large city newspaper located in southeastern Michigan, Mary continues to enjoy keeping up with world news and sharing her spirit and her talents. She and her husband make their home in Monroe, Michigan, set on an eighteen-hole golf course surrounded with beautiful homes and villas.