The Word Works: 151 Amazing Stories of Men and Women Saved Through Gospel Literature

by Mark Ward Sr.

Genres: Ministry, Mission

ISBN: 9781889893815

182 pages

Price: $9.99

Have you ever given out a gospel tract and wondered if it did any good? Now you can find out! This book is an amazing collection of 151 stories of men and women from 70 countries who found Christ by reading gospel literature. These fascinating stories will encourage and challenge you to share the gospel with others. The Word Works also addresses such vital questions as what tract distribution methods are most effective and what types of gospel literature generate the most response.


Mark Ward, Sr., is a multi-talented communicator. Author of four books, including a history of Christian broadcasting, he is a professor of radio and TV broadcasting at Bob Jones University and host of the daily Home School Helper radio program. For this book, Mark spent a year researching the files of World Missionary Press, publisher of 4.5 million gospel booklets monthly in 300 languages for 220 countries.