The Zalem Crisis | The Armoured Butterfly, Book 2

by Trudy Adams

Genres: Children & Young Adult, Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781649601049

320 pages

Price: $17.99

‘Xander,’ I said, ‘this isn’t fair . . . ’
‘Of course not,’ he said softly. ‘This is war.’

The defeat of Cades in the Nine Month War brought two years of peace to The Rhea Lands, but, on the anniversary of his death, the threat of war returns with an assault on Liane Palace, Elhian’s capture, and the mysterious darkening of Queen Alexia’s personality. The Zalem cult behind Cades has woken to revenge his death and revive his plans to conquer Targe . . . and to kill the A’zyon Warrior.

While Darj prepares the kingdom for battle, Adaliah must solve the riddles of ancient prophecies, lead the search for powerful artifacts, and once again take up her swords in a race to save her family and her kingdom from darkness.


Born in 1987, Trudy has always been passionate about the power of words and working with young people. She began what would become her first novel, Desolate Beauty, at seventeen. It was published in 2009 and won third prize in the Australia Christian Book of the Year Award. Her second novel, Judging Meghan, followed in 2010, and Broken Melody was released in 2013. Her fourth novel, The Sunshine List, won second prize in the Australian Young Christian Writers Award (2015) and was published in 2017. Since finishing her youth work post graduate degree in 2010, Trudy has worked to help children and young people from all backgrounds. She currently resides in regional Victoria, Australia.