The Bible Blueprint: A Guide to Better Understanding the Bible from Genesis to Revelation

by Christine Paxson, Rose Spiller

Genres: Bible Study & Devotionals, Christian Living

ISBN: 9781649600400

344 pages

Price: $17.99

Have you ever wanted to read the Bible, but found it intimidating?

Have you ever read parts or all of the Bible, but come away more confused than ever?

Does it seem like there are contradictions in the Bible?

Why is there an Old Testament and a New Testament?

Does the Old Testament even matter to Christians today?

How do the sixty-six books of the Bible fit together?

Is there an overarching theme?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, or others, you are not alone. The Bible Blueprint divides the entire Bible chronologically into six easy to read parts. It provides a basic understanding of Scripture as a complete story that links all the various books together. It gives an overview of each book, touching on highlights and some of the amazing and significant events in each, without the reader getting bogged down in the more difficult sections.

There is no substitute for the actual Bible-it is not only fascinating, it is the life-giving, life-saving, life-transforming Word of God-so The Bible Blueprint is not a replacement for the Bible, but it will whet your appetite to dig deeper into God’s Book for yourself while giving you the confidence to do so!


Christine Paxson and Rose Spiller have been teaching Bible studies for over twenty years. They are co-founders of Proverbs 9:10 Ministries – a ministry focused on bringing women to an understanding of God’s Word through reformed teaching and Bible studies. They co-host the podcast “No Trash, Just Truth!” which is in its second year.