Through Charlies Eyes: The Remarkable Story of a Young Man Facing the Battle of a Lifetime

by Laken Lovely

Genres: Biography, Inspirational, Ministry

ISBN: 9781935507062

Price: $11.99

When Charlie Lovely woke up on Halloween morning, the day after his sixteenth birthday, he had no idea that by that evening, he would be diagnosed with cancer. Charlie’s life changed dramatically with the utterance of one word, leukemia. Charlie, the star basketball player and class favorite, was now confined to a hospital room, fighting for his life. Only three days after being diagnosed with leukemia, he began writing in a journal, keeping accounts of his daily routines and emotions as a teenager living with cancer and receiving treatment. Charlie gave his journal with his scribbled handwriting inside, to his big sister, and asked her to tell his story. This is the true story of Charlie’s battle for his life at the sweet age of sixteen, through his eyes.


Laken Lovely is more than anything, a Christian. She is a freelance writer and focuses much of her time on her position as director of the LiveLovely Foundation, established by her little brother, Charlie, to help raise funds and awareness for childhood cancers and the adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer survival gap. To learn more about the cause, go to Laken currently resides in Nashville.