Tommy From Treemoonia

Tommy From Treemoonia

by Stephen J. Fyson

Genres: Children & Young Adult

ISBN: 9781649604156

180 pages

Price: $14.99

“It was said Treemoonia had a memory that helped to keep important things important . . . ”
In the trees of Treemoonia, the people are content, work hard, and help each other. If they follow the Parabole, the book that tells of how they began, then their land is blessed. But not everyone believes in the Parabole or the Winds of Treemoonia, and they must deal with the consequences of their unbelief deep beneath the sheltering trees of their homeland.
Tommy is just another Treemoonian child, enjoying a siesta day with his friends, with his sister underfoot. Annoyed that she insists on following him, Tommy does his best to lose her—that is, until he actually loses her for real.
As Tommy frantically tries to find his sister, he stumbles across a stepping vine leading beneath Treemoonia. Knowing his sister may have followed the same vine, Tommy soon finds himself going deep down into a dark world, where creatures are not what they appear and where his questions are met with hatred and fear.
Will Tommy be able to find his way back home with his sister safely in-hand? Or will the creatures beneath Treemoonia swallow him up for good and keep him captive in his disbelief? The answers can be found only in the Parabole—if only Tommy will believe what he already knows.


Stephen has been a psychologist by trade and teacher at heart for decades. He started as a youth worker, became an addictions counselor, and then moved into Christian schools.
His storytelling came to the fore when he started in a music ministry group and then developed further by listening to stories of people’s lives for over thirty years as a counselling psychologist. Along the way, he started telling stories to young children, and that is when ‘Tommy’ started appearing.
Professionally, Stephen has degrees in psychology, education, and theology. He has been a youth pastor, an addictions counselor, a community health administrator, and for over thirty years, a counselor, teacher, and principal in Christian schools. He is married with three adult children and five grandchildren.