Total Home Makeover: A 20-Day Plan to Renew Your Space and Spirit

by Renee Metzler

Genres: Cooking & Lifestyle, Inspirational

ISBN: 978162020131

224 pages

Price: $11.99

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Get a Total Home Makeover in 20 days. Each day, Let’s Chat (daily coaching session) about one secret to home management, then Get Moving (daily to do list) and apply what you just learned. Stay motivated with a Daily Renewal (prayer, Bible verse and journal) and a Weekly Reward (fun ideas to celebrate your success).

Total Home Makeover is a complete home management course. During your journey, get yourself, your family and your home all paddling in the same direction, toward order. Travel through three phases:

  • Phase 1: Transform Self. Learn smart daily and weekly home management routines that create order in the home.
  • Phase 2: Transform Family. Coach your family to learn and maintain healthy home habits that bring order to the home.
  • Phase 3: Transform Home. Organize (clear, sort, store) room-by-room to create a functional home with activity zones that meet your family’s needs.

Plus get worksheets (meal planner, chore chart, daily routines, room planner), stories from the author, and a supportive website. Grab a friend, your sister, or your small group and get started on your Total Home Makeover.


Renee Metzler is a freelance author who lives in Central Pennsylvania with her husband, two daughters and cat. After beginning her career as a mother and home manager in 2002, and feeling “lost,” she began to research secrets to the trade of home management, and the idea of Total Home Makeover was born.

Renee holds a degree in Secondary Education, English from Bloomsburg University. She spent four years mentoring women in a sales career. Renee now blogs at where she coaches women to know God intimately, manage life and home and drink more coffee.