Visit From a Shepherd Boy

by S.A. Jewell

Genres: Children & Young Adult, Middle Grade

ISBN: 9781620202807

176 pages

Price: $11.99

After King Herod hears about the birth of a “new king,” he directs his soldiers to slaughter all children under the age of two living in Bethlehem. Because of this, Joseph must take Jesus and Mary and escape to Egypt. Joey, along with two other young shepherds, David and Luke, has befriended the Holy Family and they want to leave with Joseph, but he can’t wait long enough for the boys to sell their flocks. Herod’s soldiers could arrive at any time! Though the Holy Family left the boys behind, they vow to follow. They don’t find Jesus, but in high adventure they do rescue a teenage slave girl who is owned by an evil Egyptian innkeeper. Follow along as Joey tells this ancient story to his modern-day friend, Josh, explaining how he was actually there, and help Josh determine if Joey is a ghost, spirit, or angel . . .

S.A. Jewell is also the author of Blink.


Sara Jewell is the author of A Christmas Dinosaur, published by CrossBooks. She holds an MA in Bible Studies from South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary, and a BFA degree from Massachusetts College of Art. Sara is the founder of a non denominational Christian on-line ministry that encourages all to read and study the Bible.