by Sheila Donald

Genres: Fiction, History

ISBN: 9781620206140

240 pages

Price: $15.99

Waireka is a story of love and commitment set against the farming background of nineteenth century New Zealand. This historical romance follows Eliza’s journey from her home in Scotland all the way to Wellington, New Zealand, to be one of the first early pioneers, as she and her husband, Alister, set up a dairy farm. It’s a story of love and tragedy, hope and despair but most of all a tale of survival in the new country.


Waireka is an interesting and eye-opening tale of life as a settler in nineteenth-century New Zealand. I rooted for the plucky main character, Eliza . . . as she sought to find happiness in a difficult and challenging new land.”
—Fiona Harper,
award-winning romance author

“A heartwarming and engaging story of love and loss that follows gutsy heroine Eliza Douglas as she travels thousands of miles to forge a new life in New Zealand. Eliza encounters hardship and tragedy as her family builds the foundations of a butter-making empire Pioneering life in New Zealand is hard, but even harder is falling in love when the man you want can never be yours . . . ”
—Clare Blake,
writer of two devotional books for women


Sheila Johnson, a UK based writer, has over ten years’ experience as a successful freelance journalist. She writes fiction under the name of Sheila Donald, and in 2016, published, a Christian romance based around an Alpha Course, called Alpha Male. Waireka is her second book, a historical romance set in New Zealand during the nineteenth century.
When not writing, Sheila enjoys singing, history, listening to music, films, the theatre, cooking, swimming, and Formula One racing.