What Is Beautiful: Secrets from A Personal Shopper

by Tica Tallent

Genres: Christian Living, Cooking & Lifestyle

ISBN: 9781935507765

104 pages

Price: $12.99

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Did you know that you have been placed right where you are at this moment for God’s purpose? How you present yourself to the world and how you use your money and your time IS important because YOU are important. You are an integral part of God’s plan.

From finding the perfect haircut to body type tricks to versatile scarves, this book tells you all you need to know about fashion to not only make every shopping trip a success but also dress confidently every day – realizing your potential is only found when God is given the glory!

So, stand-up straight (if you can), put on your best colors, and show the world — “What Is Beautiful” is YOU!!

ENDORSEMENTS for What is Beautiful:

Having spent over thirty five years in the fashion industry, I can truly say that this book has been written by one of the most knowledgeable and experienced wardrobe experts I know. But even more impressive is the fact that Tica Tallent always brings those who seek her advice to new levels of confidence and self-assurance. It is truly an honor to recommend this book filled with a wealth of practical insights into creating one’s strongest visual image.
—Barbara Corell
Owner – Millie Lewis Modeling Agency

Tica Tallent has combined her teaching skills, love of life, her experience as a model and personal shopper into a wonderful book, “What is Beautiful”. Having known Tica as a lovely child, a vivacious teenager, a beauty queen and wonderful mom, I applaud her for writing such a helpful book from her heart.
As a retired Lutheran pastor of 40 years, I appreciate her sharing her positive approach to the premise that we can indeed become more beautiful when we focus on the spiritual and personal blessings God has bestowed upon us.
—The Reverend Robert B. Lineberger

Tica Tallent is a style and fashion educator who has taught hundreds of clients to define and develop their own personal style. She is a captivating speaker with an effective approach to style that transcends all shapes, sizes and lifestyles. Her seminars have shown us how to avoid costly wardrobe mistakes and to create a wardrobe to love!
~Haley Sitton, Director of AnMed Health Foundation Research and Donor Development

Tica has been a personal friend of mind for twenty five years. Her physical beauty is obvious, but her spirit is even greater. She has lived each of her experiences to serve as a vehicle of Jesus’ love.
~Charlotte Sams, Personal lifelong friend

“Style is a novelty perceived by others.”  Tica’s extraordinary eye for detail and quality has been enhancing individual personal style for over a decade. She is truly a novelty maker of personal Beauty and Style!
~Melisa Morris Glenn, President and Owner,
The Feathered Nest Linen and Interior Design
Comfort Keepers Franchise Owner

Tica Tallent is a fashion expert—however, her most important quality is a genuine caring and service approach towards each individual she interacts with—Tica truly knows how to give the gift of service to others.
~Janet Cantrell, HR/Operations Manager,

I LOVE this lady!!! I think Coco Chanel must have been speaking about Tica Tallent when she said a girl must be two things . . . classy and fabulous. This woman covers both of those easily. There have been several queens, duchesses, and princessess of note in recent years but I can assure you there is only ONE Tica Tallent! She is gracious and sweet as southern iced tea but known as a mover and shaker! All you need is to spend a few minutes with Tica and not only will her character and integrity shine out, her ability to inspire and make things happen will amaze you. In a nutshell, this lady is INCREDIBLE! Her actions always cause people to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more. Simply put, SHE IS FABULOUS and I’m blessed to know this lady!
~Jonathan Dickson, Actor, New York, N.Y.


Tica Tallent has been an educator in public schools for ten years- having earned a Master's Degree and was selected "Teacher of the Year."

Tica was the Personal Shopper at Belk for fifteen years where she did hundreds of fashion shows, and Dress For Success Seminars to many groups at the local, state and national level. She was the Belk Teen Board director and modeling class instructor for fifteen years. She has now begun a new business - "Professionally Blessed" where she shares her love of fashion and motivates women and men with wisdom for living a complete life.