What Now?: Finding Renewed Life in Christ After Loss

by Kaitlyn Odom Fiedler

Genres: Christian Living, Inspirational, Memoir

ISBN: 9781649603746

148 pages

Price: $16.99

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What Now?: Finding Renewed Life in Christ After Loss

How do you find hope after loss?
Kaitlyn Odom Fiedler was eight years old when she woke up alone in a hospital room, the victim of a horrible car accident that claimed the lives of six of her family members as they traveled on their way to vacation at the beach. Left with only one living brother, young Kaitlyn was left with the question, what now?
How do you find hope after loss? Twenty years later, Kaitlyn has found her hope and wants to encourage others as they struggle with their own trials.
What Now?: Finding Renewed Life in Christ After Loss brings a refreshing perspective of hope and will help answer the questions of how to move forward, not just move on, when it seems there is nothing left on which to cling. Readers will discover how Kaitlyn moved from questioning to trusting God in times of sorrow, and they will find hope and healing in their own grief journey along the way.

What Others are Saying about What Now?:

In What Now?: Finding Renewed Life in Christ After Loss, Kaitlyn shares her pain, struggle, and personal wrestling with grief, love, and hope with courageous vulnerability. Although her story is her own, she invites us to find our own stories in it and, by doing so, we find hope outside of ourselves. She doesn’t deny her trauma and pain, nor does she rush her healing or that of her readers. She creates space. Kaitlyn writes as if she is introducing us to her family, her home, and her hope. She has found Christ sustaining, patient, and present and introduces Him as one friend introduces another. Her value of children, their emotions, grief, and the need for ways to engage their trauma with or without words reminds us and challenges us to enter in and give space for all.
Lee Anne Cavin
Grace Church Campus Support Staff

Kaitlyn opens the door to her grief and invites you in. With a child’s broken heart, she shares the tears she held back, shattered from the shock of suddenly losing her home and her family in a tragic accident. Equipped by her gentle parents’ love for God, Kaitlyn gradually rises above the deep loneliness of despair. Asking the question, “What now?” she gently places your hand in the hand of Jesus and walks with you into the light of healing and hope. Hers is a story honestly told, laying her suffering open, welcoming you to share with her God’s living and sufficient grace.
Georgia Tanner
Author of Genesis: Small Stories of a Big God

What Now?: Finding Renewed Life in Christ After Loss challenged me to see God’s goodness amid insurmountable suffering. Kaitlyn’s use of storytelling kept me engaged and inspired. With vulnerability and boldness, Kaitlyn shares her experience of unimaginable loss and brings hope to hurting people. This book will support people who have encountered trauma, suffering, or loss; and What Now? will guide the rest of us as we journey with them.
Peter Hyatt
Campus Minister, Clemson Baptist Collegiate Ministry

In her book What Now?: Finding Renewed Life in Christ After Loss, Kaitlyn Odom Fiedler did a phenomenal job of addressing an extremely painful topic and shared openly and honestly about her journey through her own grief. What she revealed depicts a process that can make or break a person. In Kaitlyn’s journey through such horrific losses, she honored the commitment that she made to God at a young age. She also honored her parents and siblings by walking out what was imparted to her as she was growing up—a steadfast allegiance to God no matter the circumstances. As someone who has suffered deep loss of loved ones, Kaitlyn’s book is a reminder of the goodness, presence, and faithfulness of God in our darkest and most painful moments. It is an honor to be one of the professors who gets to see her faithfulness to God lived out as a counselor-in-training as she is present with people who are in the midst of their own grief, pain, and loss. Kaitlyn genuinely is a wounded healer who can understand another’s pain and also know that there is light that can come out of darkness.
Vickey Maclin, Psy.D.
Associate Professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary-Charlotte and Psychological Associate

In What Now?: Finding Renewed Life in Christ After Loss, Kaitlyn Odom Fiedler shares her story with raw vulnerability and I felt immediately connected to her. Throughout her story you will be inspired by her strength and amazed at the faithfulness of our great God! This book is a survival guide for anyone who needs a reminder that God is good and our strength in times of hardship.
Grace Valentine
Author of four best-selling books and host of Water Into Wine podcast

In his book, The Wounded Healer, Henri Nouwen wrote that “The great illusion of leadership is to think that man can be led out of the desert by someone who has never been there.” Kaitlyn has been in the desert of great pain and loss. And she’s emerged as a wounded healer—able to speak with both awareness and hope for those who find themselves in the throes of grief.
Chrystie Cole
Author of Redeeming Sexuality and A Woman’s Words

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Kaitlyn Odom Fiedler lives near Greenville, SC, with her husband and children. She is currently pursuing her MA in counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. She actively volunteers with her church in a grief ministry to help kids process and heal after the loss of a loved one. She brings biblical inspiration to women through her blog abeautifulbelonging.com. She is happiest when traveling and adventuring with family and friends.