What’s Wrong with Western Missions?: The Perspective of a Local Believer

by Kanat Yesmagambetov

Genres: Ministry

ISBN: 9781649601063

188 pages

Price: $16.99

As a local minister in Kazakhstan, Kanat Yesmagambetov has seen firsthand the impact that Western missionaries are having on the rest of the world. After spending years working with Western mission boards, Kanat has decided it’s time to speak up and address the issues that are keeping the Gospel from spreading in nations such as his.

With a heart to help his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, Kanat clearly confronts Western Christian leaders regarding their well-intentioned but ineffective methods of sharing God’s Word. Be prepared to evaluate your own heart and hear the words of a laborer in the field.


Kanat Yesmagambetov is a preacher and minister. For many years, Kanat taught subjects such as “Bible Study Methods,” “Narration and Poetry,” “Homiletics,” and “Church History” at a Bible school. Kanat is currently serving as a teaching elder in a local Evangelical church and is the founder of Called ministry. Kanat lives with his family in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Visit Kanat’s website at www.called.website.