Where in the World is Thailand?

Where in the World is Thailand?

by Kaysha Siemens, Margaret Davis Ledford

Genres: Children & Young Adult, Illustrated Books

ISBN: 9781620205617

32 pages

Price: $15.99

Our Daddy is a soldier. The Army told him it is time for us to move again. Sometimes he goes without us, but this time we get to go with him! We’re getting on a big airplane to go to Thailand. I don’t know if we will like living so far away. Everything might be different! After all, where in the world is Thailand?

Where in the World is Thailand? is a children’s illustrated fiction book for ages 4-8.


Margaret Davis Ledford is an Army wife. She has traveled many miles and to many places with her soldier husband, Joel. Their four small children were good little travelers. They enjoyed living in different places, learning new things, and making new friends. Home for them was wherever Daddy and Mommy were. Debra, David, Sharon, and Jan are lovingly called “Army Brats.”