Where the Sky Meets the Sand

by Chris Loehmer Kincaid

Genres: Fiction

ISBN: 9781620206133

304 pages

Price: $15.99

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Where the Sky Meets the Sand

An American businesswoman with a secret past. An African boy without a home. Two missionaries with more than one mission to accomplish. Will all of their wishes come true where the sky meets the sand on the African plain?
Where the Sky Meets the Sand tells the story of Jenny Neumeyer and Ole, a homeless boy she befriends while she and her husband are on vacation in Kenya. This encounter leads her to confront a secret she has kept buried for fourteen years. As she comes to terms with her past, two missionaries to Africa discover Ole and are determined to lead him home. Along the way, they realize that the boy is not the only one who is lost.
Jenny, her husband, and the missionaries all discover that their faith in God is what will see them through.


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Chris Loehmer Kincaid has worked full-time in the medical field for nearly 30 years. She also mentors a local Kinship kid, mentors her church’s college students, sponsors a Compassion child in Kenya, and remains active in the state society for her career in medical assisting. She and her daughter recently founded a nonprofit organization, Tumaini Volunteers, to provide sustainability to poverty-stricken communities. She lives in northern Wisconsin with her husband, four cats, and one dog.