Who Brought the Dog to Church?

by Tracy L. Smoak


ISBN: 9781649604224

328 pages

Price: $18.99

Betty is sure that Ida Lou does not belong in their church when the woman shows up to the Good Friday service with her small dog in tow. But before she knows what’s happening, Betty is pushed into helping the woman as she deals with the sudden hospitalization of her husband. Having lost her own husband just one year ago, Betty is chosen as the perfect person to help walk through this valley with the newcomer—along with the other women of the WUFHs (Women United For Him).

Sarah McAdams knows her husband loves her. He just loses his temper sometimes. It comes with the stress of being a highly recognized police officer. But when Sarah makes the decision that this is not the life she wants for her young son, will she be able to get out alive? Where can she go? And who will help her?

God works in mysterious ways—and through ordinary people. The town of Prosper is about to experience some drama—and it all starts with a dog who comes to church.


A native of Florida, Tracy L. Smoak grew up near Orlando riding horses and climbing citrus trees. She is a freelance writer who loves photography. Much to her dismay, she recently missed once-in-a-lifetime shots of eight wild turkeys, an alligator crossing a country road, and two osprey feeding young in the nest.
Her passion is to encourage others in their faith journey. Against all rational advice to stay in one genre, she can’t seem to help herself. She has contracts to include: a devotional book with original lake photography titled Living Water to Refresh Your Soul (Redemption Press, 2022); a nonfiction about encouragement based on Bible characters (Bold Vision, 2023); and contemporary fiction Who Brought the Dog to Church? Throughout all her writing, her goal is to address deep issues and bring comfort with the good news of Christ.
She avoids boiled asparagus like after-school detention but will walk long distances for Cadbury Fruit and Nut chocolate bars. Her church home is First United Methodist in Clermont, Florida, where she sings off key during worship and leads small-group Bible studies. She lives in the small-town-now-grown-up city where she attended preschool and rocked the wooden boat that doubled as a bridge when turned upside down.