With Love From the Past

by Lauren Smyth

Genres: Children & Young Adult, Fantasy, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781649601377

288 pages

Price: $16.99

The story begins in darkness—literally—as Ari wakes up to realize that staying locked in her room won’t pay her electricity bills.So when she’s offered a job with the National Drug Enforcement Bureau, she’s forced to accept or starve. This is her last chance for a new start. Except, the next day, one of her teammates is dead.
The police call it a suicide, but Ari knows better. The night of her teammate’s death, she found a cryptic riddle taped to her that poses five possible killers: Ari, her three teammates, and a mysterious “other” who just might be the city’s top drug dealer. Nobody can be trusted. Suddenly, Ari finds herself dragged into a wild game of anonymity, desperation, and regret that leaves her with a choice: forgive and accept her past, or try to keep it hidden no matter who it hurts.


Lauren Smyth is a seventeen-year-old homeschooler with a passion for writing, acting, and music. As the daughter of an Air Force fighter pilot and university professor, she has lived in many places across the United States and Europe, from which she gained her love of travel and foreign languages. She currently lives in Colorado with her parents and two cats.