Yet Will I Praise Him: Living and Parenting with a Chronic Illness

by Hannah Wingert

Genres: Christian Living, Health and Wellbeing

ISBN: 9781649600110

200 pages

Price: $15.99

Motherhood can often feel overwhelming and isolating, and for moms with a chronic illness, those feelings are often intensified. When your life is a constant battle with pain, fatigue, and isolation, it’s easy to lose sight of any joy in your life.

Wife and mother Hannah Wingert knows this all too well. After finally being diagnosed with a chronic illness following the birth of her fourth child, Hannah has had to come to terms with her diagnosis and to learn to be a wife and mother in the midst of her invisible illness.

In her inspirational book, Yet Will I Praise Him, Hannah opens up candidly about her own struggles of living and parenting with a chronic illness. She will help you understand how to use your chronic illness to grow in your faith, how to balance your marriage and parenting, and how to live each day with hope so you can not only survive the challenges you face, but also thrive.

Hannah covers everything from the tough questions such as “Why doesn’t God heal me?” to “Why doesn’t my husband get it?” She also provides savvy advice and practical tips she’s learned along her journey.

Though Yet Will I Praise Him is written by a mom for moms, it also covers information such as how the five stages of grief work when you have a chronic illness and what not to say to a parent with a chronic illness, making it beneficial for anyone who has a loved one who lives with a chronic illness.


Hannah Wingert is a work-at-home mom raising her four children with her husband in Minnesota where they still attend the same small church where she and her husband grew up. She loves reading nonfiction books, writing, sewing, and drinking chai lattes. She and all four of her kids have hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Sydrome, and she is passionate about raising awareness for it along with sharing God’s faithfulness even when living with a chronic illness.