You Found Me by Michelle Dykman

You Found Me | Bethel Private School series, Book 3

by Michelle Dykman

Genres: Children & Young Adult, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781649604002

208 pages

Price: $15.99

Can one decision change your life?

For Amy Carter, a senior at Bethel Private School, life is rarely fair. Her friends are leaving school one by one, her parents are on the precipice of divorce, and she is currently failing more classes than she’d like. But that isn’t the worst of it. She has a secret. A darkness in her mind that haunts her night hours and is only kept at bay by partying, hooking up and lying through her teeth.

When the challenges she faces gradually begin caving in on each other Amy becomes overwhelmed and takes the only way out she can see. Her life at the edge of a shard of glass.

Brad Thorn is messed up, even he will admit it. One step away from jail and carrying the weight of his father’s expectations on his shoulders, he hides his regrets by drinking them away.

When the two meet at Heavenly Haven they have no hope for change.

But God has other ideas.

Gradually through the love and acceptance of Counselors Griffin and Mildred they learn to accept the mistakes of their past and find forgiveness in the arms of a Savior Who expects nothing more from them than their love.


Michelle grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. She moved to Canada almost two years ago when her husband was called to minister in a church in Ontario. She has since then adjusted somewhat to the cold and snow. She married her best friend many years ago and they have two boisterous boys who love everything about being busy. She has a passion for Jesus, ministering to youth, and Twizzlers. When she isn't writing, you can find her reading a good book.