Can Babies Really Water Ski?

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Water Baby Learns to SkiCan babies really water ski? That’s the question we’ve been hearing quite a bit since the release of our children’s book Water Baby Learns to Ski. Author Barbara Collins wrote the story based on the life of her son, who began water skiing at just nine months old. Barbara’s son went on to become a national champion water skier and the family still skis together on a regular basis. This adorable book is a great gift for a summer baby shower or birthday party.

Still skeptical about whether the story is true? Check out this video of a 7-month-old in Australia learning to water ski.

The video went viral last month and before you get too worried about the child’s safety we should tell you that he’s not being pulled behind a boat. He’s actually being pulled behind a person running along the shore. What amazing things have you seen babies do?