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Win $25 for School Supplies & a Backpack of Ambassador Books

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Ambassador International wants to help one special person kick off the school year in a big way! We’re giving away a $25 Staples gift card and a backpack full of Ambassador books, a prize worth nearly $100! (Find the full details on how to win at the bottom of this post!) This week we’re also drastically reducing the price on THREE powerful titles for parents, educators, homeschoolers or anyone interested in Christian education. This week download any of these books for just $.99 on Amazon:

  • A Scent of Water: Bringing Life Back to the Christian School Movement: The Christian school movement currently lacks vision, struggles with enrollment declines and battles budget limitations, according to the authors of a book that aims to restore hope and vision to the ministry. A Scent of Water: Bringing Life Back to the Christian School Movement combines scriptural truth with empirical research to provide a road map for the Christian school movement for the 21st century. BUY NOWA Scent of Water
  • Against the Tide: Reclaiming Authentic Christian Education: Against the Tide calls the Christian education movement back to its mission. The ideas offered in this book are thoroughly practical. The authors have effectively implemented these principles in their Christian schools. More important, these ideas are thoroughly biblical in their understanding of the role of Christian education and, in particular, of the Christian school, in helping parents to develop Christlike character in young people. BUY NOW

Against The Tide

  • Called to Coach: 52 Weekly Devotions for Coaches: This book is written for coaches who work hard—sometimes too hard—and know how to quickly size up what is a waste of time. Called to Coach is for those who are looking for something solid. It is for coaches who know that real ministry takes place in the opportunities of everyday life, rather than simply sitting in rows on Sunday morning or around a campfire singing kumbaya. It is for coaches who recognize that the Bible is the greatest source of leadership principles the world has ever known. BUY NOW

Called to Coach

BackToSchool-2And now on to the giveaway we mentioned! Enter to win a $25 Staples gift card to help you stock up on supplies. We’re also including a backpack of Ambassador books including these three Christian education titles, children’s books and parenting resources. The giveaway runs until August 13. Enter now!
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Shelter Dogs Star in New Children’s Book

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Dog Tales Features Eight Real Adopted Dogs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Each of the 70 million pet dogs in the U.S. has its own story. Author Teresa Herbic’s new book Dog Tales (Ambassador International; August 2014; $9.99, paperback)focuses on eight of these unique adventures, using each dog’s story to teach children about human compassion and messages of love, peace, and kindness. Featuring real adopted pets, Dog Tales will make you love these eight special dogs and their family.

Dog Tales“Abandoned animals often wondered onto the rural acreage where I grew up,” explains the author. “I felt that any time an orphan animal presented itself, it came as a gift from God there to teach us something and to become a member of our family.” And Herbic’s dogs are just that—a gift. Dog Tales’ message is based on the Beatitudes in Matthew. “They remind us of God’s powerful blessings for those who follow and serve,” says Herbic.

Readers will discover a common thread of adoption throughout the pages of Dog Tales because the author has been touched by adoption all her life. As the Director of Families for Adoption for Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, she and organization’s leaders include the adoption of pets as part of their support services, along with the domestic and international adoption of orphan children.

Dog Tales is the follow up to Herbic’s first book Cat Tales, released by Ambassador in 2013. Cat Tales follows adventures of Prince, Dakota, Lolli, and the rest of the family of cats teach readers the lessons of the Fruit of the Spirit highlighted in Galatians. Both books are part of the Children’s Compassion Series, which will include other titles in the future.

About the Author: Teresa Herbic currently serves as the Director of Family Groups at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. She lives in Missouri with her husband, Galen, and their two adopted children, Meyana and Braxten, along with their cats, which inspired Cat Tales.

To connect with the author or to request a review copy of Dog Tales, please contact Alison Storm at

Experience Haiti’s Earthquake Through Lives of 152 Orphans {Giveaway}

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In the length of time it takes to recite the Lord’s Prayer twice, the ground shook violently, lurching beneath Melanie Wright Zeeb’s feet. Panic and terror seized her as the earth roared, windows shattered and babies screamed. Beauty From Ashes: An Eyewitness Account of Haiti’s Tragic Earthquake tells the story of the 2010 disaster from the eyes of a young woman and the 152 orphans in her care.

Beauty From Ashes

This week we’re partnering with God’s Littlest Angels, the orphanage featured in Melanie’s gripping book, to giveaway a copy. So enter to win and learn more about this amazing organization.


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99¢ Sale: One Day Only!

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For 24 hours we’re offering a thrilling true story for just 99¢! Pick up Kenneth E. Lawson’s historical biography For Christ and Country for less than a buck for the Kindle during our one-day sale event. After Thursday the price will go up to $2.99 through the weekend and then it will return to regular price.

For Christ and CountrySynopsis: Brigadier General Gustavus Loomis (1789-1872) was an America war hero far ahead of his time. He was an opponent of slavery, who advocated for the education of African Americans and assistance for Native Americans displaced from their homelands. Having served for almost six decades in the United States Army, he was a veteran of five wars, including the Civil War and the War of 1812. This is a gripping biography of a forgotten hero, who served his Savior and his country faithfully.


Memorize Extended Scripture with Help of New Bible App

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Could you memorize large chunks of the Bible? How about an entire book? We have adapted Dr. Andrew Davis’ book  An Approach To Extended Memorization Of Scripture, into a 62-day plan through 2 Peter using a tried and tested approach of memorizing a new verse each day. Using a free daily plan available through the YouVersion Bible app, at the end of the 62 day period the reader will have the entire book of 2 Peter memorized. Listen to Dr. Davis explain the importance of extended memorization of scripture:

AnApproachtoExtendedMemorizationYouVersion is a simple, ad-free Bible app that brings God’s Word into your daily life. It is a free Bible on your phone, tablet, and computer. The creators of YouVersion, at, are not only building a tool to impact the world using innovative technology, but more importantly, engaging people into relationships with God as they discover the relevance the Bible has for their lives.

To assist you in your journey, here are a few free printable materials that Ambassador created to get you on your way:

Download: Printable Verses

Download: Printable Verse Planner

Download: Printable Covenant

You can begin your journey towards the memorization of 2 Peter with the YouVersion app today! What a thrilling odyssey of truth awaits you. Venture forth now, and memorize this thrilling epistle word upon word, line upon line. In a mere ten weeks (or less!), you could have this whole epistle written on the tablet of your heart for the glory of God and for your own joy in Jesus!

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Ambassador International Sponsoring Allume Conference for Women

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Greenville-Based Event Entering its 5th Year

For immediate release:Christian publisher Ambassador International is excited to announce a partnership with the Grenville-based women’s conference Allume, scheduled for October 23-25, 2014. As a 2014 sponsor Ambassador International will be participating in the conference by meeting with attendees, presenting our new library of titles and helping Allume to meet its goal of ministering to women.

Allume 2The goal of Allume is to love well, encourage, and spur women on to shine the Light that lives within them. “We feel that the Allume conference is providing a great service to women and we wanted to be a part of that,” explains Ambassador COO Tim Lowry. “And the fact that this incredible event is happening in the community we share makes it a perfect fit.”

Ambassador plans to highlight several new titles by female authors at the Allume conference including the devotional cookbook Faith, Hope, Love and Whisk: Breakfast With the Savior by Tori Winkelman; Warrior Brides, the inspirational devotional for military wives by Carrie Daws and Kathy Barnett; and the gripping novel The Twentieth Christmas by Andrea Rogers.

A limited number of tickets to the event are still available. Visit to register. And keep an eye on the Allume blog for a chance to win a library of Ambassador new releases that includes popular titles such as Hot Chocolate in June, the true story of an accountant-turned-adventurer who finds faith and love in South Africa and the Declutter Now Study Guide, an 8-week journey for clearing clutter in all areas of life.

About Ambassador: Ambassador International was founded in 1980 in Belfast, Northern Ireland and expanded to Greenville, South Carolina in 1995. Ambassador International’s books and materials have been distributed in dozens of countries and are sold worldwide. For more information visit You can also follow @AmbassadorIntl on Twitter or check out

For more information please contact publicist Alison Storm at

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99¢ Sale: One Day Only!

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For 24 hours we’re offering one of our hot non-fiction titles for just 99¢! Pick up John Muntean’s patriotic thriller Willing to Die for less than a buck for the Kindle during our one-day sale event. After Thursday the price will go up to $2.99 through the weekend and then it will return to regular price.

Willing to DieSynopsis: Imagine living under the constant danger of the Secret Police bursting into your home, and taking you—or someone you love—to prison, never to be seen or heard from again. Imagine watching your country suffer from the brutality of the Communist regime that swept through Eastern Europe in the wake of World War II. That was John Muntean’s reality in Romania. That is what he fought for years to escape. And that is what he fears is coming to America.

A fast-paced spiritual thriller, Willing to Die (Ambassador International; September 2013; $13.99, paperback), reveals the persecution John Muntean and his wife, Stela experienced, uncovering the evil that accompanied Communist ideology to Romania. Through fear, loss, and pain, the amazing power of God’s love provided a way for them not only to survive, but to prosper. And perhaps most importantly, this book shows all readers that many of the things John and Stela suffered to escape from in Romania are now appearing in America. “History appears to be repeating itself as Communist tendencies become more apparent in American politics,” warns Muntean. BUY NOW

99¢ Sale: One Day Only!

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For 24 hours we’re offering one of our hot non-fiction titles for just 99¢! Pick up Jim Brissey’s new devotional A Shepherd’s Heart for less than a buck for the Kindle during our one-day sale event. After Thursday the price will go up to $2.99 through the weekend and then it will return to regular price.

A Shepherds HeartSynopsis: A Shepherd’s Heart is a unique collection of inspirational moments experienced over more than 30 years of walking with Jesus. You will relive the joy of The Sermon Mount and have your heart touched by a Miracle on Death Row. Be ready to laugh and cry as you share true stories of God’s love and grace from the mission fields to the dinner table. A Shepherd s Heart will bless you and challenge you to share Christ with others. You will also receive helpful insights and tools how to effectively share your faith and win people to Jesus! BUY NOW!


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99¢ Sale: One Day Only!

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For 24 hours we’re offering one of our hot non-fiction titles for just 99¢! Pick up Amanda Robin Larcher’s new book The Song of the Viola for less than a buck for the Kindle during our one-day sale event. After Thursday the price will go up to $2.99 through the weekend and then it will return to regular price.

The Song of the ViolaSynopsis: What Would It Be Like To Grow Up In France In The Mid-20th Century?

As Amanda goes through high school, she is confronted with the haunting questions of the youth.What career should she choose? What boy can she go out with? And what about flunking?

Meanwhile, the teenage girl grows like a wild plant under God’s grace with new challenges to meet as her life unfolds. Can she prove there is a difference between good and evil? Who will support her belief that the whole Bible is true? Does philosophy offer a solution to the mortal condition of man?

Amanda’s only certainty is that her faith undeniably adds some spice to her life! BUY NOW

This is the second book in the series. Learn more about Amanda’s first book, Silo Country.