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Pastor Makes Plea to Church to Rethink Approach to Homosexuality

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Love Into LightNew Book Encourages Discussion About The Homosexual, The Church and The Gospel

For immediate release: Could God use one of the most controversial moral issues in our nation to awaken His church rather than damage it? Pastor Peter Hubbard believes He can. In his new book Love Into Light: The Gospel, The Homosexual and The Church, (Ambassador International; June 2013; $12.99, paperback) Hubbard asks “How can Christians live in a culture that promotes the gay lifestyle, yet worship in a culture that never talks about it– other than possibly to condemn it?”

According to an ABC News/Washington Post survey, Americans’ view of same-sex marriage flipped between 2006 and 2013, from 58% against to 58% for. Hubbard, who leads North Hills Community Church in Taylors, South Carolina, says he and other church leaders are under enormous pressure from opposing forces: secular culture lobbying the church for acceptance of the gay lifestyle and conservative Christians who refuse to recognize, discuss or even mention homosexuality. “The first time I counseled a man struggling with same-sex attraction (SSA), I felt awkward,” admits Hubbard at the very start of the book. “The more I listened, the more I learned, the more I realized—we are not different. We are the same. Our specific battles and sins may vary, but our hearts are the same. And our daily need for the grace of Jesus is the same.”

Love Into Light seeks to inject the cultural conversation with the same love and truth that Jesus offers. For those that see homosexuality as somehow worse than other sins, Hubbard offers clarity through his real-life counseling examples and scripture, explaining that self-righteous judgment of homosexuality is a sin just like homosexual behavior itself. “If our attitude toward a gay or lesbian person is disgust, we have forgotten the gospel,” says Hubbard. And for those who feel the Bible is an outdated resource on the topic, Hubbard argues its relevance.

The release of the book is also accompanied by the launch of where readers will find answers to difficult questions and situations Christians face. The site includes helpful resources and ministry suggestions for pastors and church leaders.

About the Author: Peter Hubbard is Teaching Pastor at North Hills Community Church in Taylors, SC, where he has communicated the truth of the scriptures since the church began in 1992. He has earned two masters degrees and is currently completing a doctor of ministry degree in pastoral counseling at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.

For more information about the author and his ministries go to  To connect with the author please contact publicist Alison Storm at


Children’s Book Shares the True Story of a Water Skiing Baby

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Water Baby Learns to SkiSouth Carolina author bases the tale on her son, a champion water skier

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, there are more than 74 million recreational boaters and more than 10 million water skiers in the US. But very few of those water skiers are babies. In her new children’s book Water Baby Learns to Ski (Ambassador International; May 2013; $14.99, hardback) author Barbara Collins shares the true story of a nine-month-old who learned to water ski.

Collins based the book on her own son, Chevis. Collins’ husband Dean pulled the baby on trainer skis in the family’s den at just nine months old. Before his first birthday he was “skiing” in the front yard and at 19 months began skiing behind a boat. “He began to compete when he was just six,” remembers Collins. “Water skiing is something my family has done for more than four decades.” Collins’ son was ranked among the top water skiers in the country, winning Nationals in California at age 13 and competing for Clemson University during college. “We love the sport of water skiing because it is family oriented,” says the author. “We practiced together every day.”

The illustrations in Water Baby Learns to Ski are based off of actual photos of Collins’ son. It’s the first book in the Water Baby series. The next installment is expected to be released in 2014. “My goal is to share my family’s love of the water and the outdoors with young readers,” explains Collins, a former elementary school teacher. “It’s an inspirational and fun story for children.”

About the Author: Barbara Collins, a native of Anderson, South Carolina, is a retired elementary school teacher specializing in reading. She has a BA and a Masters degree in education from Clemson University.

About the Illustrator: Water Baby Learns to Ski is illustrated by award-winning artist Gale McKinley. McKinley is an artist-in-residence with the South Carolina Arts Commission.

To learn more about the author and her book Water Baby Learns to Ski, visit h For interview requests, please contact Alison Storm at

May: Ambassador Authors in the News

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It’s been a great month for Ambassador authors. They’re popping up on TV and radio programs as well as in the pages of magazines and newspapers. Here are a few of the interviews they’ve done during the month of May.

Cynthia Goyang, author of Just One Touch, was featured in an article on She also did a TV interview, talking about her book and even reading a sample for Good Morning West Texas.

Dr. Hisashi Nikaidoh appeared on KJRH to talk about his new book Healing Hearts, available widely at Barnes and Noble, Mardel, Family Christian and more. His book was also featured on Doctor Radio on Sirius XM, in the May issue of Dallas Child magazine and was in the Tulsa World newspaper on May 18. Christian eBook retailer Vyrso featured Dr. Nikiadoh as their Author of the Month for May.

Azure MarisThe Daily News interviewed Bridgette ni’ Brian about her unique mix of Christian and fantasy found in her debut novel Azure Maris.

Joanie Bruce received another five star review for her book Alana Candler, Marked for Murder.

The Baking Beardy provided a great review of The Shamrock and Peach saying, “[it] is one of the most innovative cookbooks I’ve ever been sent to review… I thought the idea of fusing classic Northern Irish cooking with Southern cooking – particularly that which was inspired by backwoods Ulster Scots heritage – was actually a creative, interesting idea.” posted information and reviews of author Beth Marshall’s book, A Time to Heal: A Grief Journal.


Facebook Giveaway: Win a Copy of Making Room

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It’s the end of MMaking Roomay. Not only are we celebrating Memorial Day around here at Ambassador International, but we also have an awesome giveaway for our readers! During our monthly Facebook giveaway for May we are giving away a copy of Making Room by Elisa Pompili to one lucky reader. Head to our Facebook page to enter. 

Elizabeth Tenner and her brothers have a few special traditions in their family to keep them close regardless of their tumultuous past. Life remains pretty hectic with a substance-abuse mother and a mostly absent father. Making Room is about how a new friend with much different views is able to question Elizabeth’s continual resistance to God. Will Elizabeth ask God for help in her life? Will she finally experience God’s promise of peace? Enter the chance to win your free copy to find out Elizabeth’s fate.

Ambassador’s Top 5 2013 Summer Beach Reads

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Ambassador's top summer reads There’s nothing better than stretching out poolside or on the beach with a great book. And we’ve got some hot titles to add to your summer lineup. You take care of the sunscreen and we’ll handle the entertainment. Here are Ambassador’s top 5 2013 summer beach reads and for a limited time they are all just $3.99 for the Kindle:

Alana Candler, Marked for MurderAlana Candler, Marked for Murder by Joanie Bruce: Add some suspense to your summer with the search for Alana Candler’s stalker. When someone kidnaps her from a hotel and leaves her to die, Jaydn Holbrook, CEO and owner of the largest company in Tennessee, saves her life and promises to protect her. Alana’s trust in God’s protection intrigues him and compels him to explore her faith further. As tensions build, Jaydn and Alana are caught up in a dangerous web of hiding from the pursuer trying to kill them and fighting the attraction they feel for each other. BUY NOW

An Intimate CollisionAn Intimate Collision: Encounters with Life and Jesus by Craig Lounsbrough: This summer, face a sweeping and torrential infusion of what God intends for your life. Many of us live out flat, marginalized and ineffectual Christian lives.  We fall achingly short of intimately connecting with and deeply interjecting the truths of scripture into the everyday realities of our lives as we live them out amidst the incessant demands and tangled complexities of the 21st century. Commit to change this summer. BUY NOW

Making RoomMaking Room by Elisa Pompili: Join 26-year-old Elizabeth on a two-week vacation to the North Carolina coast. While there, Elizabeth is intrigued by Nathan Monroe, a man who challenges her in all things faith- and family- related. Elizabeth can’t figure out why, but she feels compelled to share pieces of her story with Nathan, leading the pair into a deeper bond than Elizabeth could have ever expected. Can Elizabeth and Nathan’s relationship sustain the distance and their different beliefs? Will Elizabeth ask God for help, or will her continual resistance keep her from experiencing God’s promise of a foundational, unending sense of peace? BUY NOW

Silo CountrySilo Country by Amanda Robin Larcher: Summer in France as young Amanda Vissac moves from Paris to the small village of Thym with her family. She must adjust to a new life and new friends, navigating childhood, school bullying, and questions about God. BUY NOW


Till The Storm Passes ByTill the Storm Passes By by AnnaLee Conti: A quest for answers and a deathbed confession compel Evie Parker to cross the continent to Juneau, Alaska, where she struggles to unravel a past shrouded in mystery. Can she come through storms, both physical and emotional, to open her heart to true love? BUY NOW



New Book Helps Families Love Those Suffering With Depression

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Help Someone I Love is DepressedIs depression a demon from hell, a chemical imbalance, or a deeper way of knowing God?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: In 2008, 57.7 million Americans suffered from a serious mental disorder. From major depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia to dysthymic disorder and anxiety disorders, mental illness is prevalent in America. Plenty of books have been written to help those who suffer depression, but few are geared towards the family members struggling to love someone who’s depressed. Written by a survivor of depression, author Greg Russ in his new book Help! Someone I Love is Depressed: Practical Insights for those who suffer through bouts of depression and their families, friends, caregivers, and churches (Ambassador International; May 2013; $10.99, paperback) provides practical insights for loved ones of those who are experiencing emotion pain.

“Depression is one of the most misunderstood illnesses in contemporary culture,” Russ writes, “we must listen with our eyes because 80 percent of communication is nonverbal; our hearts sense the emotions behind the words.” How do we love someone who is suffering from depression? Russ provides an inside look at depression to help family members and friends understand what it is like to have this dreaded disease.

After surviving five different episodes of severe depression, Russ understands what depression is. This book provides not only insight in how someone who is depressed thinks, but more effective ways in communicating with that person. Help! Someone I Love is Depressed is filled with scripture, professional mental health opinions, exploring different views, offering practical wisdom and finding God’s role in the daily battle against depression.

About the Author:

Greg L. Russ is a graduate of the University of South Carolina, New Orleans and Fuller Seminaries. At Fuller, He did his doctoral work under the guidance of Dr. Archibald Hart. As God progressively healed Greg’s bouts of depression, he became inspired to befriend and comfort others suffering this dreaded disease. Equipping the church with practical insights, he is hopeful they will join medical practitioners and counselors in becoming part of the healing process.

To learn more about the author and his new book Help! Some I Love is Depressed, visit For interview requests, please contact publicist Alison Storm at

Ambassador Staff Picks: Find Out What We’re Reading!

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Till The Storm Passes ByNeed some inspiration about what to read right now? Here are some suggestions from our staff members:

Deana Browning, Office Manager:  As a lifelong Alaskan and recent transplant to South Carolina I was delighted to read the first book in our Alaskan Waters Series by AnnaLee Conti, Till the Storm Passes By.  A wonderful journey that weaves its way through the majestic beauty of the Alaskan frontier while captivating you with its characters.  Truly a book you don’t want to put down.

Tim Lowry, COO: I’m very excited to read the second edition of Reckless Abandon by David Sitton. In this book David makes a very bold and clear statement that you need to be ready to die for Christ, He is worth it! I think this is something we don’t like to think about here in America while in many other countries christians are risking their lives daily to further the gospel.

Brenda Covert, Editor: Azure Maris —not your typical mermaid tale! How big is your God? This work of fiction will challenge your thinking. It Help! Someone I Love is Depressedhooked me and reeled me in from the first page. Fascinating characters, settings, situations, and conflict abound, with contemporary church issues and an outsider’s view of the typical worship service thrown in for good measure. I can’t wait for the next book!

Anna Riebe, Digital Producer: The book I chose is Help, Someone I love is Depressed.  I found myself reading this book while turning it into an ebook and I am really looking forward to reading it in its entirety. Greg Russ writes in a way that is entertaining and easy to follow and the book is full of useful and helpful information pertaining to depression – a problem that many people struggle with.

Alison Storm, publicist: I highly recommend Paul Davis’ authorized biography, George Beverly Shea: Tell Me the Story. It was inspiring to read about how Bev Shea went from being a shy insurance salesman to singing on stages around the world with the Billy Graham evangelistic team.

Matt Mulder, Creative Director: Try to read Healing Hearts with dry eyes. Pediatric heart surgeon Hisashi Nikaidoh, MD relates his grief after losing his own son in a tragic accident. Through his work, he met eight amazing mothers who share their individual stories of losing a child.

Farm Animals Encourage Children to be Unique

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Each The SameAuthor Teaches Children that God’s Love Endures Even Though We Are All Different

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: What do cows, sheep, horses, and children all have in common? They all have a purpose and God loves them each the same. This is the message that children’s book author Michelle Worthington teaches in her new book Each the Same (Ambassador International; April 2013; $18.99, hardcover). Taking place in a barnyard with all of the farm animals, Worthington reminds young readers that everyone is different and special.

The cows are in the milking shed, the horses are in the stable, and the sheep are in the field. They all have their jobs to do to help make the farm a happy place to live. Each animal is different but the farmer loves them each the same. In this charming children’s book, Australian author Michelle Worthington teaches children that everyone, even animals, have a different purpose but are all loved equally by God. “Each the Same was written after a discussion with my eldest son on the way home from Church about the way God loves all of us and we are all special in our own way”, says Worthington. “Each of us were created with a purpose to make the world a better place and to serve Him”.

Worthington uses her love of writing and creative mind to teach children valuable lessons in Each the Same. With easy to read words, this little book can help children learn to read and may become a bedtime favorite night and night again.

For more information about the author and her new book please visit or For interview requests please contact publicist Alison Storm at

Mother’s Day Flash Sale: 3 Books, 1 Low Price!

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flashsale smallNeed a gift mom will love? Stock her up on some great summer reading material! Now through midnight on Sunday, May 5 you can buy mom three great books for just $19.99, shipping included! You’ll receive all three books in Carrie Daws’ Crossing series, including the latest installment Romancing Melody. Mom will love these books, but don’t take our word for it– check out some of the recent reviews on Amazon:

  • “Carrie Daws’ book, Romancing Melody, is fantastic. The word “Wow!” kept coming to my mind while I was reading it.” -Paula McGrew
  • Romancing Melody the 3rd book in A Crossing Journey series is out of this world. I loved this book and the whole series.” -inspiremichelle
  • “Ms. Daws does it again! From the first page to the last I was hooked.” -Rita Noel