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Celebrate Forgiveness Day: Who Do You Need to Forgive?

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Forgiveness is not an optionAugust 5 is International Forgiveness Day and August 27 is Global Forgiveness Day. In response to these two holidays we asked Anna McCarthy, author of Forgiveness is Not an Option, to share her thoughts on forgiving in difficult situations.

It’s true with all of us. We hear the word “forgive” and we immediately think of that paramount event in our life that left us crumbled. Where either our heart was shattered, trust was broken or another seemingly unforgiveable act took place. As true as it is that these events do require our hearts to move towards forgiveness, how often do we stop there?

I fear that it isn’t always the tragedies in our life that lead our hearts into bitterness, but often the less noticeable offenses. The ones we are quick to brush aside because it doesn’t seem like “that big of a deal”.  Areas where our pride steps in and readily moves past the offense not wanting to admit we were actually hurt. You see, forgiveness isn’t always wrapped up in a tragedy. The kind of forgiveness that Jesus teaches in scripture is daily…repetitive even. We learn of this kind of forgiveness through Peter’s questioning of Jesus on the subject, “Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, ‘Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?’ Jesus answered, ‘I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.’”. (Matthew 18:20-22) Right here we see that this was an offense that had the opportunity to occur often…even with the same person!

Avoid Bitterness

When someone hurts or offends you on a small level, the first act of forgiveness can come somewhat easily. It is the second, third and fourth time where we start thinking that we either should just toughen up and not let it get to us, or just swallow it and move on because obviously their behavior isn’t going to change. This is where I believe many of us unknowingly open a crevice in our hearts to bitterness. It’s quiet at first, not obvious on the surface and yet over time can lead to one very hardened heart.

Admit to the Hurt

So, what do we do in these moments of mundane offenses? First, we must validate that we are hurt. We can’t begin to forgive someone that we are unwilling to admit hurt us! In that moment when someone’s words or actions sting, stop yourself and internally admit that you are offended. Quietly tell the Lord that you are hurt and why. Then, make the choice to forgive. Tell the Lord that you forgive them. And, what if even after this prayer you still feel angry or bothered? Pray for them. Our hearts are hardwired to soften towards those whom we choose to genuinely pray for. I believe this is one of the reasons Jesus teaches us in scripture to pray for our enemies.

Forgive Daily

This daily act of forgiveness may seem somewhat insignificant, yet this is much more powerful than we often realize. These small acts of forgiveness protect our hearts, keeping them tender, soft and open.

Whether your life has been met with tragedy or not, I encourage you to look past the glaring offenses in your life and dig a little deeper into the smaller ones. Then ask yourself the question, “Who do I need to forgive?”


Ambassador Authors in the Media

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Times ExaminerSeveral Ambassador International authors have enjoyed sharing their stories and expertise recently with a variety of media outlets around the country. Here is a rundown of where you can check out these interviews:

Jim Geyer, author of Dad and Mom’s Country Wisdom: Everything I Know about the Bible I Learned on the Farm was featured in a front page article of The Times Examiner on Wednesday, July 25.

Stephen Goode, author of Marriage Triage: A Guide to Healing for the Hurting Spouse, was interviewed on WRHI’s program Palmetto Mornings on Wednesday, August 1. Listen to his interview on marriage, Chick-fil-A and recent Hollywood break-ups. Marriage Triage was also featured on Charlotte Area News.

Renee Metzler, author of Total Home Makeover: A 20-Day Plan to Renew Your Space and Spirit, was interviewed for the website The article features Renee’s tips in time for National Simplify Your Life Week.

Devotional Wherein the Lilies Grow by Jo Crosby received a great review from By the Book.

Bob and Kathy Basmadjian, authors of Abraham’s Journey: A Celebration of the American Dream, were interviewed on July 23 by Pastor Rick Tocquigny on his program Life Lessons Radio.

Dick and Pat Geyer, authors of Chaplains of the Bible, were interviewed by several radio outlets including for an upcoming broadcast of Wayne Shepherd’s First Person program.

Celebrate National Simplify Your Life Week with Help from Ambassador Authors

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Total Home MakeoverThe first week in August is National Simplify Your Life Week. What better way to celebrate than by clearing the clutter from some area of your life– whether it be your closets or your finances. Two new books from Ambassador International are designed to help you simplify your life.

Declutter Now!: Uncover the Hidden Joy and Freedom in Your Life by Lindon and Sherry Gareis: Negative clutter can invade every area of your life—not just your closets. Relationships, finances, kids, jobs, health and spiritual well-being are all adversely impacted by the unnecessary and harmful stuff we accumulate and hold onto. That could be physical junk or emotional baggage. Declutter Now! will help the reader let go of those negative influences that impact our quality of life and our relationship with God. Since decluttering removes what you don’t need and gives you more of what you do, it only makes sense your spiritual journey will benefit too.

Total Home Makeover: A 20-Day Plan to Renew Your Space and Spirit by Renee Metzler: Transform your home with daily and weekly routines, family training, and room-by-room organization. Renee Metzler gave up a full-time career to become a full-time mom and home manager ten years ago. But she quickly realized she had never learned the skills necessary to do this job well. This book is a quick-start manual that will help any home manager do their job with excellence, taking your life from chaos to order. Each day includes prayer, a ten-minute coaching session from Renee and daily to-do list to help you turn your home into a haven.

As a special offer for National Simplify Your Life Week, anyone who orders a copy of Total Home Makeover or Declutter Now! by August 15 will receive a FREE digital copy of the book from iTunes. Simply email your receipt to to take advantage of this offer. To help you jump start your plan, authors Sherry and Renee are answering questions about simplifying life:

1. How have you personally tried to simplify your life recently?delcutter now

Sherry: Interestingly, Declutter Now! is largely responsible for our most recent wave of simplification. Writing a book, and all the elements associated with it, has demanded that we say ‘no’ to some events or commitments that we would have otherwise said yes to. We’ve simplified our schedule to make room for the priorities. Not always easy, or fun, but necessary!

Renee: I have focused on three areas: food, fashion and storage. In terms of food, my husband grows a beautiful kitchen garden each year.  I’m trying to use fresh vegetables daily to create simple and healthy meals. For fashion, I made a New Year’s Resolution to NOT buy any new clothes this year in an effort to avoid a cluttered closet and save money for my children’s Christian school education.  Storage-wise, my chaotic confession is the little red barn at the edge of our property.  It’s adorable from the outside and hideously disorganized from the inside.  It’s my summer organizational project.  To keep me motivated, I’ve planned an End-of-Summer Party for close friends and family.  This dinner party will be hosted in … the little red barn.  Talk about motivation!

2. Why should simplifying our lives be our goal?

Sherry: In Declutter Now! we talk about how ‘less can be more’, and this is much ‘more’ than just a cliché’. Our lives get cluttered with material stuff, unhealthy relationships, draining careers, poor health habits, financial burdens, and the like, leaving little room for the things that matter most. It just makes sense to simplify in order to have the time, money, and energy for the true desires of your heart.

Renee: Simplifying is about making room for what’s really important. We only have a short-time here on earth. We must choose to live for eternity (the spiritual kingdom), not the here-and-now (this physical kingdom). It’s about saying, “No.”  We can choose to turn from the clutter of this world:  material possessions, television, Facebook, chasing after worldly success, money, and status. It’s about saying, “Yes.” We can choose to invest more in the things that are eternal, that will go on living after this physical world passes away.  Things like a relationship with Christ Jesus, speaking words of encouragement and hope to our spouse, playing with and training our children.

3. How can your book help people simplify their lives?

Sherry: We address how to declutter eight different areas of your life by providing practical tips, life application strategies, and engaging stories. We help people gain an awareness of areas that should be decluttered and then encourage them to take action and make it happen! It’s our Declutter & GO! concept!

Renee: Total Home Makeover is a 20 Day Plan to Renew your Space and Spirit.  Each day, you will (1) renew your spirit by seeking the living God through {Prayer, Bible Reading and Journaling}, (2) renew your space in our daily couching session {called Let’s Chat} where you’ll learn one secret to managing your home more efficiently, and (3) apply what you just learned by completing the daily to-do list {called Get Moving}.  Partner up, earn rewards, use worksheets, learn a smarter way to manage your home, and laugh at my stories as you journey from chaos to order for a Total Home Makeover.

Feeling inspired by Renee and Sherry to simplify life? Don’t forget about our special offer just for National Simplify Your Life Week. From now until August 15 anyone who orders Declutter Now! or Total Home Makeover can forward their receipt to to receive a FREE digital copy from iTunes as well.


Highlights From the International Christian Retail Show 2012

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Ambassador International ICRS Booth

Ambassador International ICRS Booth

For the last 15 years CBA’s International Christian Retail Show has been a mid-year marker for Ambassador International. This key show has presented us with many opportunities to get our product in front of important contacts nationally and international.

Below are some of the highlights of ICRS 2012, held last week in Orlando:


Author Signings

This year we had author of Marriage Triage, Stephen Goode; Florida’s very own Ruth Ellinger along with Cheryl Johnston and Ronni Scott contributors of the recently released Women of the Secret Place; authors John and Jo Crosby of the Called To

Ruth Ellinger's ICRS Book Signing

Ruth Ellinger’s ICRS Book Signing

series and Wherein the Lilies Grow and Bob and Kathy Basmadjian authors of children’s release Abraham’s Journey.

Each of the signings drew in a crowd and a lot of positive connections. A highlight being new contacts with the Florida Hospital System that could see a selection of our titles being used as resources in the hospital systems stores.


Author Interviews

In the weeks running up to ICRS our publicist is busy coordinating author interviews for each of the attending authors. ICRS 2012 interviews included Moody Radio, Christian Lifestyle Magazine, and Revelation Media Network.


Buyer Meetings

For me personally this keeps my days at the show occupied from early morning through to late in the evening. Meetings included connecting with our great buyers at Family Christian, Lifeway, Christian Book, Logos, Koorong Australia and Word Australia.

Ambassador CEO Sam Lowry

Ambassador CEO Sam Lowry

Although buyers are representing chains of all sizes in all regions of the US and far across the pond the common thread is eBooks — over the last few years buyers have all shared how they as retailers are stepping up to this shifting trend in reading. As publishers this excites us! With an extensive list of eBooks we’re thrilled to be able to be a part of this and make our product available in an instant to anyone, anywhere.

Next year we’ll head to St. Louis for ICRS.

Are you working on a book that needs launched to the world? Let’s us know. Submit your manuscript now and you could be with us at ICRS 2013.

3-Day Flash Sale: Buy 1 Get TWO Free

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buy1get2freeWe’re having a Flash Sale! Buy any Ambassador New Release and we’ll give you two free eBooks! Simply purchase your Ambassador book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, forward your receipt to and let us know which two free eBooks you want from this selection:

Christian Living: Marriage Triage: A Guide to Healing for the Hurting Spouse, regularly $9.99

Christian Fiction: Crossing Values, regularly $9.99

Children’s: Chocolate Socks, regularly $9.99

You’ll receive two unique iTunes download codes worth a total of $19.98! Hurry, this incredible offer ends Sunday!



How Books Can Help You Live Like an Olympian

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AI_runningSome Olympic athletes seem to be designed to go for the gold. Take swimmer Missy Franklin– she has size 13 feet and a 6-foot-4 wingspan. But others are shockingly successful given what appear to be physical limitations. Forty-five year old Dana Torres narrowly missed competing in her sixth Olympics games, getting beaten out by swimmers 20 years younger. According to the Washington Post, in the past three Summer Olympics, 64 of the U.S. team’s 1,707 athletes have been age 40 and older — and they won 23 medals.

These inspiring stories are why I love the Olympics so much. I’m a runner, and although I probably won’t ever compete for the gold (or silver or bronze for that matter!) I am inspired and challenged to strive to improve my own personal bests. There is a lot that we can take from the Olympics and apply to our Christian lives.

One of the primary ways we can live like Olympians is through powerful, and often transformational, books. Of course we believe that the Bible is the best guidebook for being all that God calls us to be. And at Ambassador International we have many great biblically-based resources available to help you champion different areas of your life:

  • The Race by Sammy Tippit will help you to read the Bible through the eyes of a runner, building your character, strength and endurance, preparing your heart and mind for this life.
  • You can bring the gold standard to your marriage with the principles laid out in Marriage Triage. Author Stephen Goode will teach you to bring the dedication of an athlete to your relationship.
  •  If you wish to better your appearance we have What Is Beautiful — author Tica Tallent teaches the reader from years of experience on how to dress appropriate for their body type while giving glory to God.

If you’re aiming to better your personal best we have the titles to help get you in shape. Let us know what books have been game changers for you.


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Mississippi Nights Featured in Mississippi Magazine’s “Best of Mississippi 2012” Issue

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mississippi mag july aug 12The July/August issue of Mississippi Magazine features their compilation of the “best of Mississippi 2012.” And we’re excited to see Ambassador International fiction Mississippi Nights included in the issue. Mississippi Nights is the first of six books featured in the Heritage and Culture section of the magazine.

Mississippi Nights is the story of two brothers and one death. When Firefighter David Boyette’s fiancee dies in a car fire, he blames his brother, Sgt. Jeremy Boyette, for her death. Three years later, David returns home with a dark and devastating secret. With the help of family, a woman’s love, and a small child’s devotion, can David overcome insurmountable odds as he and Jeremy face the bitterness that enslaves him? Together the brothers must decide if the bond of brotherhood is stronger than resentment and hate.

Author DM Webb is a Mississippi native and she is passionate about her home state. She also drew from her experience as a volunteer rescue worker to write with conviction and accuracy. So if you’re looking for one of the best Mississippi authors, check out DM Webb’s Mississippi Nights.

Announcing a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale!

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BOGONow is the time to beef up your digital library with Ambassador International’s Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale! Scoring your free eBook from iTunes is easy!

1. Purchase ANY Ambassador International book title from ANY online retailer. It could be a new release or an old favorite. Buy it from a major retailer (like Amazon or or a mom and pop. You can snap up a hard copy or the digital version– just buy an Ambassador book now!

2. Forward your receipt to Show us proof of your purchase and let us know which FREE eBook you want. Choose from three HOT titles:

Christian Living:

Marriage Triage by Stephen Goode

Christian Fiction:

Crossing Values by Carrie Daws


Chocolate Socks by Holly Durst

3. We’ll forward you a promo code so you can download the eBook of your choice for FREE from the iTunes store! Quantities are limited so don’t wait! Offer ends July 31 or while supplies last.

Win an Ambassador Children’s Book Library

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ChocolateSocks_CoverIn celebration of the launch of our new website we’re giving away an Ambassador International children’s book library! One lucky winner will receive copies of all of our latest children’s young adult titles including:

children's book giveawayEntering takes less than a minute! Simply head to our homepage and look for the graphic that says “Keep Kids Reading All Summer Long.” Enter your name and email address, then click “Enter Now.” You will not only be entered to win the Ambassador International children’s book library, but you will also be added to our email list so you can stay up-to-date about new releases, author news and specials. We’ll be collecting entries through the month of July so good luck!