Archive for the ‘Books’ Category Names An Infinite Journey as Top Book for 2014

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For the second year in a row Tim Challies has included an Ambassador International title as one of his favorite books of the year. For 2014 Challies listed An Infinite Journey: Growing Toward Christlikeness by Dr. Andrew Davis as one of his favorite books of the year. Challies writes, “It is a book about growing toward spiritual maturity, but it is more than that; it is also a map for the journey. This makes it something like a systematic theology of spiritual growth and maturity, and one that will benefit any Christian.”

Challies Infinite Journey

Last year, Ambassador International’s book Love Into Light: The Gospel, the Homosexual and the Church made Challies list of top books for 2013. We are thrilled to be one of the few publishers recognized year after year on this popular list. Have you read these books? If not, what are you waiting for? Buy An Infinite Journey or Love Into Light now!

99¢ SALE: One Day Only!

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For 24 hours we’re offering a brand new non-fiction title for just 99¢! Pick up author Blake Western’s new book There’s No One Like Jesus for less than a buck for the Kindle during our one-day sale event. After Thursday the price will go up to $2.99 through the weekend and then it will return to regular price. So don’t wait– pick up There’s No One Like Jesus right now for just 99¢ on Kindle.

TheresNoOneLikeJesus 99 centsSynopsis: Do we look for a love beyond full human comprehension? There is no one like Jesus in His love. Do we look for a power that can not only change us, but also change society? There is no one like Jesus in what He can do. Do we look for one who knows the future and will lead us into the future? Jesus is the only one who can do that.

Jesus surpasses the greatest human beings in His character traits. He excels in all His ministries. He is unique from whatever perspective we look at Him. Here is a person who will never disappoint and will never bore us. He is new even though He is eternal. If you want an anchor for all of life, Jesus is the only one dependable. There is no one more exciting, no one more wonderful, and nothing more beautiful than Jesus. Jesus is everything you will ever need, and He is more than everything you could possibly desire. He is “all in all” in one person! BUY NOW

Cyber Monday Sale: 10 Books Just $.99 Each!

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This Cyber Monday Ambassador International is slashing the price on 10 of our most popular non-fiction titles! All of these books are just $.99 each:


Love Into Light: The Gospel, The Homosexual and The Church BUY NOW!

Hollywood’s Chosen: An Insider Shares His Story BUY NOW!

Reckless Abandon: A Gospel Pioneer’s Exploits Among the Most Difficult to Reach Peoples BUY NOW!

Eclipse of Faith: When Doubt Overwhelms Religious Belief BUY NOW!

An Infinite Journey: Growing Toward Christlikeness BUY NOW!

The Warrior’s


Bride: Biblical Strategies to Help the Military Spouse Thrive BUY NOW!

Hot Chocolate in June: A True Story of Loss, Love and Restoration BUY NOW!

So-Called Christian: Healing the Spiritual Wounds Left By the Church BUY NOW!

Armor Bearers: The Revolutionary Choices of Servant-Leadership BUY NOW

Beauty From Ashes: An Eyewitness Account of Haiti’s Tragic Earthquake BUY NOW!

EXPIRED Giveaway: The 20th Christmas & $50 Macaroni Grill Gift Card!

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Win a copy of Andrea Rodgers’ heart-wrenching novel The 20th Christmas and a $50 gift card to Macaroni Grill! Ambassador International is running this incredible giveaway now through Cyber Monday! To enter all you need to do is sign up for our email list! Click this link to fill out a short form– it will only take 20 seconds to enter!

ThanksgivingGiveawayWhy Macaroni Grill? That’s where a pivotal moment in the book takes place! But since we don’t want to give away any of the book’s incredible twists and turns you’ll just have to read The 20th Christmas to find out!

Will you share this giveaway with your followers on Twitter? And if your friend wins maybe they’ll take you to dinner at Macaroni Grill! Tweet about it now!

The book is also part of our incredible Black Friday sale. On Black Friday a dozen Ambassador International novels will be just $.99 for the Kindle!

99¢ SALE: One Day Only!

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For 24 hours we’re offering a brand new title for just 99¢! Pick up Larry Vaughn and Mentora Vaughn Gratrix’s new book Hollywood’s Chosen: An Insider Shares His Story for less than a buck for the Kindle during our one-day sale event. After Thursday the price will go up to $2.99 through the weekend and then it will return to regular price. So don’t wait– pick up Hollywood’s Chosen right now for just 99¢ on Kindle.

Hollywood's ChosenSynopsis: Larry Vaughn’s fate would be determined by a single, high-stakes moment. Drawing the right card meant success and a cut in millions of dollars. Failure meant Jaws would not play in his theatre, and Vaughn would miss one of the biggest hits of the decade.

For as long as there have been movies there have been film buyers, and yet hardly anyone outside the motion picture industry has heard of the job. They are the hot shots celebrities clamor to meet. These Hollywood gamblers use their skill and sheer instinct to decide what movie they think will be the next box office hit for their theatres. Vaughn’s success with Jaws, Star Wars, Rocky and Forrest Gump marks him as one of the best.

Despite a life full of red carpets and movie premiers, Vaughn’s story begins in a poor, single-parent household as a boy who simply loved spending Saturdays at the movie theatre. His life takes a wild ride through Hollywood, climbing from poverty to riches by pure determination and a passion for film.

Through a cast of characters that includes celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, Michael J. Fox, and Clint Eastwood, Vaughn describes the drama and intrigue that accompanies being one of Hollywood’s chosen and shares about films, family, and a crucial decision that put his faith and career at odds. BUY NOW!

Ambassador Authors Featured in Hope For Women

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Christian artist Natalie Grant is on the cover of the latest issue of Hope for Women magazine, but inside you’ll find two Ambassador authors featured. This issue is all about being your best, and the editors and creative and design teams have out done themselves once again. There are two articles you do not want to miss in this beautiful issue:

Hope for women fall 2014Page 41: Sherry Gareis, co-author of Declutter Now!: Uncovering the Hidden Joy and Freedom in Your Life and Declutter Now! Study Guide: 8 Weeks to Uncovering the Hidden Joy and Freedom in Your Life writes about the compassion in decluttering people. Sherry provides five steps to shift from decluttering stress to success.

Pages 42-43: Tori Winkelman, author of Faith, Hope, Love and a Whisk, provides Hope for Women readers a reason to not make breakfast so fast. Her article includes three yummy recipes: Mexican Strada Cups, Pineapple Brunch Punch and Lemon Blueberry Bread Pudding.

If you want to sign up to receive a digital copy of Hope for Women magazine check out the Hope for Women Facebook page.

99¢ SALE: One Day Only!

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For 24 hours we’re offering a brand new title for just 99¢! Pick up the author Carrie Daws and Kathy Barnett’s new book The Warrior’s Bride: Biblical Strategies to Help the Military Spouse Thrive for less than a buck for the Kindle during our one-day sale event. After Thursday the price will go up to $2.99 through the weekend and then it will return to regular price. So don’t wait– pick up The Warrior’s Bride right now for just 99¢ on Kindle.

The Warrior's BrideSynopisis: The call came down from Command, and your warrior husband is out the door, leaving you behind to handle whatever he has left undone. Whether it’s the day-to-day monotony, the inevitable appliance that breaks, or the months without his presence beside you, being a military spouse brings challenges few appreciate. Yet God sees you and longs for you to boldly step into His plan. He purposely chose you for this moment—for your man. He wants to give you abundantly more than what you have right now and desires you to thrive as your warrior’s bride. BUY NOW!

Gripping Novel Follows Young Orphan As She Navigates Tragedy

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Despite Devastating Loss, Young Girl Resolves to Let Hope and Love Prevail

The River KeeperFor immediate release: Witnessing her family die in a flood could have been enough to ruin Callie Mae McCauley, but she doesn’t let being orphaned at the age of eight destroy her tender spirit. The River Keeper (Ambassador International; October 2014; $14.99, paperback) follows young Callie as she navigates the stream of life. Through gentle ripples and vengeful rapids, she finds healing living with her grandmother in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Set along the banks of the New River in North Carolina in the 1940s, author Sarah Martin Byrd artfully writes about the rugged hillsides and idyllic meadows with familiarity that can only come from someone who has called this place home. Believed to be one of the oldest rivers in North America, the author has woven its natural history into the story of The River Keeper. “I have probably done more research on this one story than I’ve done on all my others,” explains Sarah, who has fished, swam and paddled through miles of the river. “The New River is so rich in history and folklore.”

Based on actual events, The River Keeper tells the story of the 13-year battle to protect the New River from development. In 1965 Appalachian Power filed an application with the Federal Power Commission for permission to build a two-dam hydroelectric and pumped-storage facility. This project would have flooded over forty thousand acres of rich bottomland, displacing as many as 3,000 people, destroying hundreds of cabins, churches and cemeteries and one of the most important archeological areas in the eastern United States.

The River Keeper is Byrd’s third project with Ambassador International. In 2012 Ambassador International published Byrd’s novel The Color of My Heart, which pushes readers to contemplate whether they believe heart matters more than skin. In 2013 Byrd released The Manger Mouse, a touching children’s book about a tiny mouse’s big role in the Christmas story.

About the Author: Sarah Martin Byrd is a graduate of The Institute of Children’s Literature. She is a published novelist, newspaper columnist, blogger, and former Advertising Manager for a regional newspaper. Sarah loves sharing her life story with children of all ages. She speaks at schools, book clubs, libraries and book festivals. Sarah lives at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina with her husband of 38 years. Her only daughter and grandchild live close by. When not creating new stories she loves camping, canoeing, fishing, her daily walks, and spending time with her family.

To receive a review copy of The River Keeper or to connect with the author please contact publicist Alison Storm by email at

Does Your Kid Have an Amazing Smile?

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Does your kid have an amazing smile? We want to see it! Your child could star in the upcoming children’s book Everyone Smiles! We’re looking for a few great smiles to feature in the pages of this beautiful children’s book. Besides having a claim to fame, winners will also receive a Everyone Smiles Graphiccopy of the book plus FREE digital images from the photo shoot! All you need to do to be considered is submit a smiling photo along with your child’s name and age to Only entries from the Upstate of South Carolina will be considered. The deadline for entry is November 10, 2014 so hurry!