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Fireball Missionary Spends 65 Years Advancing Gospel

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Author David Sitton Shares Story of Missionary Mentor Joe Cannon

For immediate release: Joe Cannon devoted nearly 65 years of his life sharing the Gospel across some of the toughest terrain, to the most unloved, unreached people in the world. Cannon’s efforts have inspired countless others including author and missionary David Sitton. In Hard Fighting Soldier: Joe Cannon: 65 Years of Pioneer Gospel Exploits for the Glory of God (Ambassador International; January 2015; $13.99, paperback) author David Sitton inspires and encourages readers through the incredible story of his missionary mentor.

Hard Fighting SoldierCannon did not shy away from sharing the Gospel to even the most challenging peoples. He invested into lives throughout Japan, Okinawa, Papua New Guinea and Ukraine, often utilizing unconventional methods that earned him a reputation as a courageous fireball. “The gospel doesn’t carry itself along its own merry way,” writes Sitton. “When it runs, it runs on our legs. God’s messengers are called upon to forcefully accelerate the gospel into hazardous situations, and front line sol­diers for Christ are guaranteed to be busted up and bloodied in the fight.” Joe Cannon and his wife exchanged leisure, physical safety and financial security for the advancement of Christ.

Hard Fighting Soldier begins with Cannon’s first missionary assignment, which carried him to Japan in the wake of World War II. Answering an urgent request for the deployment of 1,000 missionaries to help fill the “spiritual vacuum” created by the devastation of war, Cannon and his new wife traveled thousands of miles to work with the poorest cave dwellers they could find. Over the years Cannon utilized a wide variety of ministries and methods to share the Gospel including Christian kindergartens, orphanages, retirement homes, sewing and English language schools, radio preaching, youth camps and more. Despite exposure to plagues, disease and death the couple’s unshakeable trust in God and resolute ambition to advance the Gospel never wavered. “Joe’s rallying call for pioneer spearheads to boldly go into all the world and preach the gospel was exhilarating,” recounts Sitton. “Thousands were roused by that challenge, and hundreds have found their way to missionary frontlines because of his influence.”

About the Author: In January, 2006 Sitton and his wife Tommi  founded their second ministry, The Center for Pioneer Church Planting which is dedicated to recruiting, training and launching pioneer church planters into the far-flung regions where Christ is still unknown. Hard Fighting Soldier is Sitton’s third book, following the popular title, Reckless Abandon: A Gospel Pioneer’s Exploits Among the Most Difficult to Reach People’s.


Would You Choose Him All Over Again?

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Author’s Search for Mr. Right Leads Her to Jesus

For immediate release: A handsome husband, a dream job, and plenty of money- so why wasn’t Juana Mikels happy? In a desperate attempt to find the peace and happiness she craved Mikels left it all behind. In Choosing Him All Over Again: A Story of Romance & Redemption, (Ambassador International; January 2015; $14.99, paperback) Mikels offers an intimate account of her search for Mr. Right, a journey that ended up leading her into the arms of Jesus, and ultimately back home to her husband.

9781620202913Mikels not only includes a candid recount of her own marriage struggles in Choosing Him All Over Again, but she interviewed more than 40 people, all of whom had been separated or divorced at one time. “It is my prayer that you will be encouraged and able to love your husband and to choose him again,” writes Mikels. “It is my delight to share my history with you because my story is a story of God’s grace.”

Choosing Him All Over Again includes strikingly honest accounts of Mikels’ personal experience of separation from her husband and their ultimate reconciliation. Mikels offers wives 11 checkpoints for refreshing any marriage including saying ‘I love you’ daily, not bringing up past failures and praying for your husband every day. The book provides free resources like prayers Mikels prays for her husband, a note to Christian women married to unbelievers or married to Christian men who are not acting as believers should and access to a free downloadable companion study guide.

About the Author:. Juana speaks to women’s groups and churches with her story and seminar on order, home life, and time management for busy Christian mothers. Formerly a National Account Manager with Xerox Corporation, she left the work force to be a stay-at-home mom and homeschooled her children. Juana, her husband, Terry, and their four children live in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Military Spouses Open Up About Fears, Worries and Stress of Military Life

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Authors Hope to Help Other Military Spouses Thrive

For immediate release: They’ve gone weeks without talking to their husbands, spent sleepless nights worrying about infidelity and agonized over whether they will see each other again. Marrying someone in the military means you not only marry them; you marry their profession, too. And as authors Kathy Barnett and Carrie Daws learned years after saying “I do,” they must not only love their men, but they must love the calling of those men as well. In The Warrior’s Bride: Biblical Strategies to Help the Military Spouse Thrive, (Ambassador International; October 2014; $15.99, paperback) Barnett and Daws hope to help others find hope and joy in their military marriages.

The Warrior's BrideWhether bearing the frustration of being a single parent while their spouse was deployed or dealing with the stress of yet another move, military spouses handle a unique set of life challenges. “One of the greatest frustrations about being married to a mili­tary man is knowing that you cannot plan your own life,” writes Barnett. “Your husband, and thus your marriage, is owned by the United States Government, and you are forced to accept the plans for the greater good over your own.”

The Warrior’s Bride includes funny stories, major failures and plentiful amounts of encouragement for people walking the path of being a military spouse. Daws and Barnett deal with touchy topics like the fear of death, the pain of infidelity and living with a wounded soul. “We are sharing what we have learned,” explains Daws, “and what Christ has taught us.”

About the Authors: Kathy Barnett has been Sam’s Warrior Bride for 24 years. With his recent retirement from the U.S. Army, she eagerly continues to serve Sam as they raise and homeschool their nine children. She and Sam counsel and minister to the needs of military families pointing them to the freedom found in Christ.

God rewrote Carrie Daws’ dreams, including being a stay-at-home mom and writer. Originally writing devotions, the Christian Writer’s Guild cultivated in Carrie a love for writing fiction. Carrie’s husband medically retired from the USAF, and they now live in Virginia with their three children. She stays busy homeschooling and volunteering within military ministries.

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New Cookbook Serves Up Generous Helpings of Faith and Food

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Faith, Hope, Love, and a Whisk Offers Family Recipes and Soul-Nourishing Devotions

For immediate release:A new cookbook combines mouth-watering recipes with delicious devotionals to help readers start each day feeling nourished in mind, body and spirit. Lemon blueberry bread pudding, peanut butter French toast sandwiches and pineapple brunch punch are among some of the scrumptious recipes offered in the pages of Faith, Hope, Love, and a Whisk: Breakfast With the Savior (Ambassador International; October 2014; $29.99).

9781620202739In John 21:12, Jesus said to His disciples to “Come and eat breakfast,” and this cookbook devo­tional invites you to do the same, literally and figuratively. “The devotionals I have written are for women who want to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus and live their life for Him,” explains author Tori Winkelman, who earned a degree in Biblical Studies from Azusa Pacific University. “Everything we do, we do for the Lord—even cooking!”

Tori hopes readers will open up Faith, Hope, Love, and a Whisk to find a breakfast recipe, reading a devotional and spending time in prayer as they prepare their meal. The book’s devotionals cover a variety of topics, offering guidelines for prayer, tips for toxic relationships and wisdom for finding contentedness in a materialistic world.

Every recipe in the book is accompanied by beautiful full-color photography. Tori’s family members even make appearances throughout the book. Many of the dishes featured in the book are not only recipes, but family traditions. From waking up on Christmas morning to the scent of caramelized pecan French toast to preparing her unique take on pigs in a blanket for her husband, Tori invites readers into her kitchen and her life by sharing personal reflections.

About the Author: Tori Winkelman lives in Upland, CA with her husband Aaron and their dog Buffy. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies from Azusa Pacific University. Faith, Hope, Love, and a Whisk: Breakfast with the Savior combines her two passions in life: God’s Word and cooking.


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Heart-Wrenching Novel Tells Story of Christmastime Kidnapping

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The 20th Christmas Filled with Two Decades of Emotion

For immediate release: “Write this– it’s time.” Awoken after a vivid dream that revealed the plot for author Andrea Rodgers’ latest novel, the voice of God very clearly told her this story needed to be told. In The 20th Christmas (Ambassador International; October 2014; $13.99, paperback) a joyous day spent shopping for gifts on a cold December morning turns tragic as Arianna Tate’s toddler Chase goes missing from a coffee shop.

The 20th ChristmasRodgers takes readers on an emotional, two-decade long journey. Set in Des Moines, Iowa, this fictional kidnapping makes reference to the well-known Johnny Gosch case, a 12-year-old newspaper carrier who disappeared during his route in 1982. The abduction put parents across the state on edge and sparked a fear campaign in the Iowa schools.

Instead of helping her son make his first gingerbread house, Arianna is fielding questions from authorities about his disappearance. Two days before Christmas Chase’s friends, family and complete strangers gather in frigid temperatures for a candlelight vigil outside the coffee shop he was last seen. Living in a fog of guilt and pain, the Tate’s celebrate Christmas after Christmas longing for the return of their precious son. With their marriage on the verge of destruction, the Tate’s must find a way to live with the grief of losing their son.

Meanwhile a drug addicted, mentally unstable woman reconnects with her estranged sister, this time with a child. After her sister’s death, Lydia and her husband adopt the little boy, raising him alongside their own four children. The 20th Christmas begins in 1994 with Chase’s disappearance, and ends in 2014 with an answer to Arianna’s repeated question to God, “why?”

About the Author: Andrea Rodgers knew from a young age that she wanted to be a novelist. Her passion never wavered, even when she put creative writing on hold for “a real job.” Andrea majored in journalism and mass communication at Iowa State University and worked at a Christian music station prior to being a stay-at-home-mom. She’s thrilled to be doing what she feels is her purpose in life. Andrea resides near Des Moines with her husband and two children.

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New Book Offers Biblical Guide for Being a Powerful Last-Day Christian

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Author Provides Practical Tips for Everyday Life

For immediate release: As the final clock ticks down to the end of time, do you shine as a light in a dark world? Wars, natural disasters, and financial ruin terrorize the world as we know it, but author David Garcia believes that Christians can stand firm in these troubled times. But what does standing up for God’s truths look like? Portrait of a Powerful Last-Day Christian: Prophetic Insights for Successful End-Time Living (Ambassador International; June 2014; $13.99, paperback) provides a helpful guide for ChristiansPortrait of a Powerful Last-Day Christian, giving them truths to live by for their everyday lives.

Using David as an example of a man of God who stood up against adversity, Garcia outlines the basic character qualities of a last-day Christian and how Christians can claim victory over today’s struggles. Garcia writes, “In this book, we will explore the Scripture to find that God has intended for you to be victorious as a Last-Day Christian. Yes, God has promised this victory in the Scriptures. It is not just a feel-good, positive-thinking attitude; it is in the word of God!”

Each chapter of Portrait of a Powerful Last-Day Christian discusses a new facet of David’s example—leadership, strength in God, trusting in God’s provision—and applies it to the life of everyday Christians. Through these different lessons, Garcia teaches that in these end-time days, no matter what our news, television and internet proclaim, God has a real provision for you, as a Christian, right now.

About the Author: David Garcia is the Lead Pastor at one of central Florida’s most exciting churches, Grace World Outreach Church, which has been located in Brooksville, Florida, for over one-quarter of a century. Pastor Garcia is a versatile and popular speaker for seminars, crusades, and conferences, and he offers a wealth of Biblical and practical ideas. He is also a gifted author with a unique style of relevant presentation. David and his wife, Nellie, have been married for 44 years and have two happily married children, both serving God in full-time ministry, and four wonderful grandchildren.

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Movie Executive Reveals Remarkable Story in New Memoir

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Hollywood’s Chosen Shares Undocumented Aspect of Film Industry

For immediate release:There are fewer than 100 full-time film buyers in North America, but without them some 40,000 theater screens would be blank. For more than two decades Larry Vaughn served as the liaison between Hollywood studios and the movie theaters he represented. In his new book Hollywood’s Chosen: An Insider Shares His Story(Ambassador International; September 2014; $16.99, paperback) Vaughn is pulling back the curtain on a largely undocumented aspect of the film industry. 

Hollywood's ChosenThrough a cast of characters that includes celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Michael J. Fox and Clint Eastwood, Vaughn describes the drama and delight that accompanies being one of Hollywood’s Chosen. Vaughn began working at a movie theater when he was 15, earning just $.50 an hour. As a child growing up in a poor, single-parent household Vaughn dreamed of a life filled with movie stars and thrilling plots, a fantasy that was fulfilled when he became the vice president and head film buyer of a theater circuit located in one of the top movie markets in the country. Vaughn’s job consisted of meetings with producers, directors and actors; reviewing scripts; and watching yet-to-be released movies from his own private screening room.

After becoming a Christian later in life, Vaughn faced a difficult decision that put his career and faith at odds. At the pinnacle of his career Vaughn made the difficult decision not to show a certain film, a controversial movie that made national headlines. With a foreword from Movie Tavern President and CEO John Hersker along with endorsements from Hollywood icons like Bruce Snyder and Bert Livingston of 20th Century Fox as well as Mark Gaines from Universal Pictures Distribution, Hollywood’s Chosen is set to be a blockbuster hit.

About the Authors: Larry Vaughn was raised in Greenville, South Carolina by a single parent. His humble beginnings didn’t stop him from dreaming about DV_11-15-13_039a career in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Larry started ushering in his neighborhood movie theater and climbed the corporate ladder, where he later became Vice President/Head Film Buyer for a premier theater circuit in one of the top movie markets in the country. Today, Larry lives in South Bend, Indiana with his wife.

Mentora Vaughn Gratrix was born in Miami, Florida, and later lived in Myrtle Beach and Greenville, South Carolina. She and her husband Jeffrey, currently live in South Bend, Indiana with their two daughters.


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Ambassador International Sponsoring Allume Conference for Women

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Greenville-Based Event Entering its 5th Year

For immediate release:Christian publisher Ambassador International is excited to announce a partnership with the Grenville-based women’s conference Allume, scheduled for October 23-25, 2014. As a 2014 sponsor Ambassador International will be participating in the conference by meeting with attendees, presenting our new library of titles and helping Allume to meet its goal of ministering to women.

Allume 2The goal of Allume is to love well, encourage, and spur women on to shine the Light that lives within them. “We feel that the Allume conference is providing a great service to women and we wanted to be a part of that,” explains Ambassador COO Tim Lowry. “And the fact that this incredible event is happening in the community we share makes it a perfect fit.”

Ambassador plans to highlight several new titles by female authors at the Allume conference including the devotional cookbook Faith, Hope, Love and Whisk: Breakfast With the Savior by Tori Winkelman; Warrior Brides, the inspirational devotional for military wives by Carrie Daws and Kathy Barnett; and the gripping novel The Twentieth Christmas by Andrea Rogers.

A limited number of tickets to the event are still available. Visit to register. And keep an eye on the Allume blog for a chance to win a library of Ambassador new releases that includes popular titles such as Hot Chocolate in June, the true story of an accountant-turned-adventurer who finds faith and love in South Africa and the Declutter Now Study Guide, an 8-week journey for clearing clutter in all areas of life.

About Ambassador: Ambassador International was founded in 1980 in Belfast, Northern Ireland and expanded to Greenville, South Carolina in 1995. Ambassador International’s books and materials have been distributed in dozens of countries and are sold worldwide. For more information visit You can also follow @AmbassadorIntl on Twitter or check out

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Orphanage Worker Gives Honest, Heart-Wrenching Account of Massive Haiti Earthquake

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Orphans, Adoptive Families Caught in the Disaster Zone

For immediate release: In the length of time it takes to recite the Lord’s Prayer twice, the ground shook violently, lurching beneath Melanie Wright Zeeb’s feet. Panic and terror seized her as the earth roared, windows shattered and babies screamed. Beauty From Ashes: An Eyewitness Account of Haiti’s Tragic Earthquake (Ambassador International; May 2014; $15.99, paperback) tells the story of the 2010 disaster from the eyes of a young woman and the 152 orphans in her care.

Beauty From AshesMiraculously no one at God’s Littlest Angels orphanage, situated halfway up a mountain a few miles outside Port-au-Prince, was injured in the quake. Even the orphanage’s buildings sustained very little damage, unlike the overcrowded nearby capital city, which was largely destroyed. “There was a mountain that blocked the view of Port-au-Prince,” recounts Zeeb, “but a giant cloud of dust could be seen rising from the city.”

Mothers and fathers waiting for adoptions to be finalized began to panic. Were their children safe? Would their adoptions be jeopardized? Were legal documents now buried under rubble? Being one of the few places in Haiti that still had Internet access and satellite phone service, Zeeb and her team at GLA suddenly became a source of information for major news outlets including NBC, Fox News, CNN, the BBC and more. Zeeb’s disaster photos were sent to news agencies worldwide to show people the extent of devastation. “Overwhelmed does not even begin to describe how we felt,” writes Zeeb. “We had no sense of future, no hope that things would soon be better or return to normal. The only time that existed was that very moment.”

Less than three weeks after the disaster, more than 90% of GLA’s orphans were united with their forever families, something no one would have dreamed possible. “Haiti will never be what it was before,” says Zeeb, “neither will anyone who lived through this experience.”

About the Author: Melanie Wright Zeeb wrote her first stories as a child, but her love for Haiti didn’t come until she visited the island nation in 2004. She went back as often as possible before finally moving there in 2008 to work at God’s Littlest Angels. After the events of this book, Melanie returned home to Indiana, where she now lives with her husband.

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