D’Ann Renner

D'Ann Renner

D’Ann Renner, Dancing From the Shadows

About the Book: When successful businesswoman Tori St. John’s adopted son Gabe is diagnosed with autism, she becomes obsessed with finding a cure, a fixation that threatens to unravel her family. Author D’Ann Renner pulls from personal experiences to write about the love, fear, stress and joy that accompanies life with a special needs child.

About the Author: D’Ann had been selected to enter her company’s fast-track program when she and her husband felt God’s call to adopt a sibling pair of older, third-world children. Her “Home Front Management” career became more challenging when her son was diagnosed with autism. She is active in the special needs world and speaks to local women’s and special needs’ groups. Her first novel, Dancing from the Shadows, is a fictionalized composite of situations encountered by real families.

Review: “From the first page I was captured and pulled into a story that gave me a heart-rendering and intimate look inside life with a special needs child. To make it even more potent, D’Ann Renner shows life with an adopted special needs child. From laughter to tears and back again, this book is more than just a story…it’s a look into true family love.” -dmself, Amazon Reviewer

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