Farm Animals Encourage Children to be Unique

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Each The SameAuthor Teaches Children that God’s Love Endures Even Though We Are All Different

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: What do cows, sheep, horses, and children all have in common? They all have a purpose and God loves them each the same. This is the message that children’s book author Michelle Worthington teaches in her new book Each the Same (Ambassador International; April 2013; $18.99, hardcover). Taking place in a barnyard with all of the farm animals, Worthington reminds young readers that everyone is different and special.

The cows are in the milking shed, the horses are in the stable, and the sheep are in the field. They all have their jobs to do to help make the farm a happy place to live. Each animal is different but the farmer loves them each the same. In this charming children’s book, Australian author Michelle Worthington teaches children that everyone, even animals, have a different purpose but are all loved equally by God. “Each the Same was written after a discussion with my eldest son on the way home from Church about the way God loves all of us and we are all special in our own way”, says Worthington. “Each of us were created with a purpose to make the world a better place and to serve Him”.

Worthington uses her love of writing and creative mind to teach children valuable lessons in Each the Same. With easy to read words, this little book can help children learn to read and may become a bedtime favorite night and night again.

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