Find Greatness in Ordinary Moments With New Book

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The Twelve Gifts of LifeAuthor Cindy Champnella shares 12 gifts of her life

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Cindy Champnella believes life is not meant to be survival of the fittest. We all face uncertainties– floundering finances, failing families and fickle friendships. Champnella’s new book The Twelve Gifts of Life: Finding Extraordinary Meaning in Ordinary Moments (Ambassador International; October 2012; $14.99; Paperback) shows that life gives us wonderful memories and experiences through every single unnoticed moment.  “The gifts of life restore us, they give us hope,” she says. “They give our lives meaning. They are meant to be savored. ”

Champnella says The Twelve Gifts of Life is a guidebook to her younger self. “Sometimes we miss the gifts that are right in front of us until we are at the end of our lives and we more clearly understand the beginning,” she says. “If we view the world as a gift we will be much more joyful. If we spent as much time giving thanks for what we have instead of yearning for what do not have, we would be a lot happier.” Also, The Twelve Gifts of Life encourages readers to use prayer as a source of strength. “It should be the place we go to for directions to the right path instead of the place we go for help when we crash,” says Champnella.

Cindy Champnella is a PhD prepared psychologist, author and acclaimed speaker. She has assisted hundreds of families in their international adoption efforts. She is married and has five children, including two daughters adopted from China. The Twelve Gifts of Life was inspired by her daughter Jaclyn, an orphan from China.

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