Good Samaritan Shot By Mugger Experiences Miraculous Healing

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Near Death Experience Reignites Author’s Faith

For immediate release: Brett Parks heard the cries for help and he responded. But as blood poured out of his abdomen and trickled out of the corners of his mouth, he wondered, was it worth it? In Miracle Man: A Bullet That Ignited a Purpose-Filled Life (Ambassador International; May 2015; $13.99, paperback) Parks inspires and encourages readers through the incredible story of his near death experience.

Miracle Man Before his brush with death, Brett was in the best physical shape of his life, but his spiritual life was weak. Brett admits that he did not always respond to God’s calls for obedience. “I heard him calling to me, but I had something else going on. My Christian life was good, but it could have been better,” writes Brett. “Then, October 17 happened.”

On October 17, 2012, without hesitation, Navy airman and fitness trainer Brett Parks responded to screams for help, chasing down a mugger. The attacker fired a gun from inside his sweatshirt pocket, sending a devastating shot into Brett’s body. The bullet shredded Brett’s kidney, destroyed several inches of his intestines, and pierced the largest vein in his body.

As the medical team worked fervently to save Brett’s life, his wife received the bleak news. Their unborn daughter and young son may not grow up with a father. The medical battle included 14 surgeries in 20 days, an unexpected amputation, and a coma that lasted nearly three weeks. Brett says he also experienced spiritual warfare. Still haunted by the horrible visions of what he describes as a battle between the devil and God for Brett’s soul, he emerged from his coma to begin a long and challenging recovery.

While Brett lost his leg during the experience, he gained a second shot at life. “Through tears of thankfulness, I told the Lord I would go wherever He led me,” remembers Brett. Brett received the governor’s Medal of Merit. He’s won several medals in the Warrior Games and is now preparing to qualify for the 2016 Paralympics Games in Rio, Brazil.

About the Author: Brett Parks is the founder and president of Second Shot Ministry and travels around the nation speaking to schools, businesses, and churches about hope, faith, and how he overcame a 99.999% mortality rate. Because of his heroic actions, Brett was rewarded with the governor’s Medal of Merit, which was presented by Governor Rick Scott. When Brett is not traveling, he loves spending time with beautiful wife Susan and playing with his son Jason and daughter Stella.

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