Google + Hangout: Chat with Author Peter Hubbard and Win Prizes

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Love Into LightYou’re invited to a Google + Hangout with author Peter Hubbard on Tuesday, July 2 at 7pm Central. We’ll be discussing the Defense of Marriage Act ruling, the end of Exodus International and Peter’s new book, Love Into Light: The Gospel, The Homosexual and The Church.

Could God use one of the most controversial moral issues in our nation to awaken His church rather than damage it? Pastor Peter Hubbard believes He can. In his new book Love Into Light: The Gospel, The Homosexual and The Church Hubbard asks “How can Christians live in a culture that promotes the gay lifestyle, yet worship in a culture that never talks about it– other than possibly to condemn it?”

Love Into Light seeks to inject the cultural conversation with the same love and truth that Jesus offers. For those that see homosexuality as somehow worse than other sins, Hubbard offers clarity through his real-life counseling examples and scripture, explaining that self-righteous judgment of homosexuality is a sin just like homosexual behavior itself. “If our attitude toward a gay or lesbian person is disgust, we have forgotten the gospel,” says Hubbard. And for those who feel the Bible is an outdated resource on the topic, Hubbard argues its relevance.

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