John Murray

John MurrayJohn Murray, Real Faith: What’s at the Heart of the Gospel?

About the Book: Have you ever wished for a book which explores the Christian faith in an uncomplicated way, using understandable language? Real Faith covers questions from the initial “Why do we believe?” to “What is expected of us?” Along with contemplating who God is; the book considers “What is Christian conversion?” and “Why is it so difficult to live the Christian life?”

About the Author: John Murray served for over 20 years as the Executive Director for Eurovangelism Canada, a mission working in Eastern Europe for the last fifty years. He traveled into many of the former communist countries, from Russia in the north to Albania in the south.

Review: “What an excellent book! I could not put it down once I started. It explains in plain language what it means for our daily lives to be a Christian. The author uses real life stories and scriptures to make his point which turns the book into a very practical guide. The book is great for small group bible studies, especially with the free study notes available on the author’s web site ( A must-read if you want to know more about God’s purpose for your life.” – Gert Kollenhoven, Amazon Reviewer

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