Letting Revelation Change the Way You Live

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A Confident PeaceNew Book Uses Revelation to Help Readers Recognize God’s Holiness, Satan’s Deception in Their Lives

For immediate release: When persecuted by ungodly governments, hurt by the sins of others and impacted by disease and death of a fallen world, author and pastor Dr. Mark Becton encourages believers through the words of Revelation, the Bible’s final book. In A Confident Peace: Letting Revelation Change the Way You Live (Ambassador International; October 2013; $17.99, paperback) Becton explains how this book is more than prophetic timelines or tales with apocalyptic images. “Revelation gives us confident peace to recognize Satan’s deceptions, overcome our sinful inclinations and honor God with our lives today,” says Becton.

The book of Revelation contains more than 550 Old Testament references, compared to Matthew with 92 and Hebrews with 102. God uses the book to answer questions like, is the Bible God’s Word? Is Jesus the ultimate authority? Is full surrender to Jesus worth it? Is time short? Through his intense study of this book, Becton relates the lessons of Revelation to the American church and our lives today.

A Confident Peace offers a clear explanation of the second coming and even a crash course in spiritual survival that includes tips for overcoming Satan’s tactics in the end times. “Satan attacks us daily,” explains Becton. “Though he attacks aggressively today, Revelation alludes to the fact that he becomes fiercer in the end times.” A Confident Peace gives us God s big picture. It reminds us the One who started it all wins it all.

About the Author: Dr. Mark Becton has served as senior pastor 30 years for churches in Texas, Oklahoma and Virginia. Dr. Becton holds a Doctor of Philosophy, a Master of Divinity and a Master of Arts in Religious Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He now leads the historic Grove Avenue Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia, a 140 year old congregation. His messages are televised live each Sunday throughout central Virginia on The Victory Hour, the oldest existing live broadcast of a worship service in the nation.

For more information about the author and his ministries go to groveave.net or wordsofvictory.net.  To connect with the author please contact publicist Alison Storm at [email protected].