Meet Two Remarkable “Water Babies”!

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We’re sure you’ve seen this incredible World Record-setting baby water skiing at just 6 months old! If you’d like to meet the original “Water Baby”, check out Barbara Collins’ book Water Baby Learns to Ski, based on a true story of a 9 month old water skier!

6-month-old Zyla St. Onge from Polk City, Florida, like Collins’ Water Baby, has discovered a talent for skiing!  Zyla is now the Guinness World Record holder for youngest skier, having triumphed 686.4 feet on the water.

Water Baby Learns to Ski

If you find her story fascinating, be sure to check out Collins’ book Water Baby Learns to Ski, which, like Zyla, tells the story of a baby skier becoming a national sensation.  The first installation in a series of books, Water Baby Learns to Ski presents a charming story with adorable illustrations on every page. BUY NOW