New Book Explores Christian Response to Pain

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Touching the HemAuthor Uses Personal Experience with Physical Suffering to Help Others

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Whether it’s a sprained ankle or a terminal illness, we are all bound to suffer physical pain at some point in our lives. But as Christians, how should we respond to that affliction? Whether it’s an illness or injury Touching the Hem: A Biblical Response to Physical Suffering (Ambassador International; May 2013; $11.99, paperback) explains to those that are hurting how to cope by looking upward, outward and inward.

In 2007 author Elizabeth Johnson received an incurable diagnosis.  Doctors discovered she has an auto-immune disease that led to chronic fatigue, emergency surgeries and a new way of life. “God used my illness to completely rearrange my life,” she explains. “I was desperate to find a book that taught me how to respond to this devastating news and I couldn’t find anything.” Since Elizabeth was no longer able to work, she spent many hours at home resting, regaining strength and writing.

Touching the Hem prompts readers to seek answers in five areas: God’s character, God’s works, our circumstances, our response and God’s response. Touching the Hem also provides valuable resources including a chart identifying healings performed during Christ’s earthly ministry, a catalog of verses that explain the purpose of trials and practical suggestions for dealing with illness. “When I received my diagnosis I was overwhelmed with the desire to study God’s Word on the subject of sickness and healing,” she says. “My hope and prayer is that this book instructs and encourages others who find themselves or their loved ones in similar situations.”

About the Author:  Elizabeth Johnson was diagnosed with Wegener’s Granulomatosis in 2007, shortly before she and her husband were married. Elizabeth and her husband, James, currently reside in South Carolina where they are preparing for a dual ministry in church-planting and military chaplaincy.

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