New Book Teaches Kids How to Biblically Combat Bullying

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Author Draws Inspriation from a Her Sons

For immediate release: October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year and 17 percent of American students report being bullied at least two times a month according to Author Laura Taylor hopes her new children’s book, EE Otter and the Bullfrog Bullies (Ambassador International; October 2014; $6.99, paperback) will give kids tools to help them put a stop to bullying the Biblical way.

E.E. OtterStudies from the National Association of School Psychologists show that one in four teachers don’t think bullying is wrong and only intervene 4 percent of the time. “Bullying is a heart issue and so many of the programs that are implemented deal with punitive measures that address the behaviors and don’t address the issues of heart,” says Taylor, a teacher herself. “And while punitive measures need to be in place as a consequence to bullying someone, we need to understand that God’s desire is to change hearts with His love and power.

EE Otter and the Bullfrog Bullies follows a band of loveable animals as they encounter relevant issues that many kids face at school today. When a group of scary bullfrogs threatens them for using the basketball court EE and his pals try to fight back. EE’s grandfather uses the situation as an opportunity to explain how the Bible says we should treat our enemies. He points to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, citing Scripture as a powerful source of guidance. Using the wise advice, EE is able to show love to the bullies, relying on God’s Word and prayer to help him through a difficult situation.

About the Author: Laura Taylor resides in rural South Carolina. She holds a B.S. degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Houghton College and teaches at Wardlaw Academy. She and her husband are the parents of five amazing and busy boys! They operate a small martial arts school where their passion is ministering the transforming love of Jesus Christ through the medium of martial arts.


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