Publishing FAQs | What Else Do You Expect Me To Do?

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Frequently asked questions. Every industry has them and publishing is no different. Ambassador International has the pleasure of working with many new and upcoming authors as well as already-established authors who still need our assistance. Many of these authors come to us with lots of questions. Publishing your first book (or your 10th!) is exciting! There are many details to work out and decisions to make. This Publishing FAQ series covers questions Ambassador International receives regularly. Previously covered questions are:


Publishing FAQsI’ve written the book, what else do you expect me to do?

If you’re hoping the answer is relax, step aside and let the publisher run with it you’re going to be disappointed. New York Times bestseller Jon Acuff said it well in his blog post Don’t Write A Book saying, “OK, next time don’t write a book. Write a diary. It’s a lot easier and you don’t have to promote it at all.”

This post as Jon shared can sound harsh but it really is true, author involvement in the marketing is crucial — do not write a book to set on your nightstand.


Easy Ways to Build a Platform

There are so many easy ways you can work to build your platform and spread word about your book:

  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ {with many more} are free tools to build your fan base and promote your title. Keep your fans posted of how, when, and where to buy your title. Share about events, keep them posted on your progress. Make them feel like they are part of your journey.
  • Talking about your title: Can you work your content into a presentation? Can you teach your skills in a workshop?
  • Create a presence online: Besides just social media do you have an online home base? This is a website or a blog that fans can visit. You will want it to point them to everything related to you and your book. If have a website or a blog are you keeping it updated?
  • Connect with local stores: Talk with bookstore managers in your immediate area — this is your home market. Introduce yourself and your book, let them know why they need to have it in stock, point traffic and sales to that store. Make yourself available to them for signings and local author days.

Publishers expect their authors to be passionate about their books and doing all they can to help make it a success. If you cannot get excited about your book, why would you expect anyone else to?

If you want to work on your platform check out our author bootcamp videos.