Roe v. Wade Overturned + Our Pro-Life Mission

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In case you missed it, Roe v. Wade has been overturned!

But as Christians, we know that our pro-life rhetoric can never waiver and the laws of the land do not change our mission to live out our faith.

We are honored to present a Christian perspective on this decision from several of our books.

But HOW can we become the answer in an abortion-free community?

Created to Live is the story of Cathy Harris, a seventeen-year-old who had an abortion out of fear, and who now teaches Christians just how to live out their pro-life ethic in their communities.

With the overturn of Roe, this story is even more crucial for Christians today. But we caution you. Don’t read this book if you do not want to be challenged, become uncomfortable, and grow.

Truth is stranger than fiction, but if we could learn about our post-Roe world from fiction?

Memories of Lasting Shadows  was written before the fall of Roe v. Wade, but discusses a world far post-Roe. The author paints a picture where medical advancements are applied to save the lives of mother and child and the discussions of today are no more. For those interested in a bit o’ fiction on an exceedingly relevant topic, this is the book for you!

But what about those among us who need encouragement when faced with a difficult pregnancy diagnosis?

Grace In the Middle tells the story of parents faced with a painful diagnosis, the doctors who advised them to terminate, and the faith that guided their decisions.

Finally, we see the need for YA fiction that talks about the realities of teenaged pregnancies. Someone Like You is the tale every teenaged reader and parent needs.

These books are more than a pro-life book list. They are reminders to all of us of how we can live out our faith and beliefs, especially in a post-Roe world. We are grateful for the privilege of publising books to the honor and glory of God. We hope each one of our readers will use these resources to bring glory to our Savior.