September is National Literacy Month!

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It’s National Literacy Month and as a publishing house…we have a lot of books!

First – a book releasing November 1, 2022.

The Year of the Bear by Douglas J. Lanzo is a coming-of-age story for the middle-grade readers in your life.

Thirteen-year-old Jason is on the cusp of manhood, striving to find his place at school and at home-especially after his mother has abandoned them and his father is left to deal with his own anger. When Jason and his father encounter a bear while out hunting, they shoot and kill it, not realizing that they have left a cub without its mother. When Sasquot of the Penobscot Tribe, a part of the Bear Family, discovers what they have done, he decides that Jason needs a lesson in caring for God’s creatures. Thus begins a year that Jason will never forget as he begins to care and train the cub in order for it to survive. As Jason forms a bond with the bear, he, in turn, learns valuable lessons for life.

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Next, a gorgeously illustrated book for pre-readers about just how much God loves them!

Guess How Much God Loves You is the story of seven-year-old Lucy Lu, a colorful, creatively curious first-grader, who is starting to have serious questions about God.

  • How old is He?
  • Does He sleep?
  • What does He do all day?
  • And the biggest one of all—does God love me?

After one particularly hard day of being bullied by her classmates at school, Lucy feels like she doesn’t matter. She sits with Papa Joe, who has promised to answer her questions about God, launching them onto a journey to discover God’s never-changing, never-failing, never-ending love. What follows is a wild adventure through the Bible, where Lucy and her papa find themselves in the middle of each page of the exciting story of God’s love and faithfulness for all people throughout all of history.

We ADORE this beautifully illustrated book and highly recommend it for young children!

How far would you go to protect the ones you love?

The Withering begins after the apocalyptic “Days To Come” have come and gone, four orphans who have nothing left but each other set out across the desert in search of a sorcerer, in hopes of finding a way off of their dying world. What they find sparks disagreement about what to believe and who to trust. The unsettling answers they uncover will force each of them to face ghosts from their past as they come to grips with their own purpose, faith, and identity. We recommend this book for sci-fi lovers, as well as tweens and teens looking for an engaging story in another world – without the garbage!

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