Solo Hiking Trip Transforms Young Woman’s Life

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Soul-Searching Journey Ends with the Discovery of Peace

For immediate release: From cliff diving in Mexico to gazing at The Last Supper in Milan, Stacie Ourlian traveled to all 50 states and nine countries in search of fulfillment. She got married, earned multiple college degrees, but still felt empty. Her life was missing something. And finally she found it during a solitary trip to Sedona, Arizona. Her new book On the Edge: A Solo Hiker’s Journey (Ambassador International; March 2015; $17.99, hardcover) follows her soul-searching journey and reveals where she ultimately discovered God’s plan for her life.

On the EdgeShe brought one hiking bag, a journal, and the Bible on her trip to Arizona. Traveling alone, Stacie’s goal was to hike in the wilderness in an attempt to discover peace. Stacie says she fell into the trap many of us find ourselves in, buying, reaching, doing, yet never content. “Until we follow our Creator’s plan, I’m convinced we will always live in a life where everything is never enough,” she writes. “When we follow our own plan and ignore God’s, we consciously or subconsciously keep searching for something to fill the void felt.” Stacie says her world would have continued to be filled with confusion, anger, disappointment, sadness and guilt if she hadn’t made God the priority in her life. While readers’ struggles may differ from Stacie’s, she feels there is common ground in all difficulties of life. “To write well, you have to write what you know. I know difficulty. I know struggle. I know fear,” admits Stacie. “While our situations are not the same, the solution is the same.”

On the Edge also includes many of the author’s own photos, taken during her numerous solo hiking trips. She believes hiking provides an intimate setting to encounter God. It was on a quiet trail that she made the connection between life and hiking. “You cannot progress on a trail without stepping forward. You control your own actions, and you can only progress by choosing to put one foot in front of the other.” She writes, “You decide whether you will follow God’s plan or your own.”

About the Author: Stacie J Ourlian is originally from Monroe, Michigan and attended Eastern Michigan University where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and a Master’s Degree in Administration K-12. Stacie is also an avid traveler and hiker and has been to all 50 states, but her favorite place is still Sedona, Arizona.

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