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Resource Helps Grieving Find “New Normal” in 30 Days

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A New NormalPastor Created Journal after Struggling with Sudden loss

For immediate release: He knew Jesus, memorized Scripture and studied theology, but the real life loss of a loved one put Dr. Jim Mann into a tailspin. Years of seminary and ministry left even a seasoned pastor unprepared to handle the sudden death of a family member. “The Lord led me on my own journey through grief,” explains Mann, founder and lead pastor of New Life Church in Denton, Texas. “Every day I read the Bible, prayed, cried and journaled my thoughts.” That process helped him create A New Normal: A Journey From Loss to Joy, available January 2012.

A New Normal helps readers through all kinds of loss, from dreams to jobs. “Using this journal for 30 days will help readers gain a stronger relationship with God and get prepared to get on with life,” says Mann. Americans are dealing with loss in all areas. According to government reports:

  • Retirement savings accounts have lost $2 trillion since 2000.
  • Millions of Americans have experienced job loss in recent years.
  • Every three months 250,000 families enter the process of losing their homes to foreclosure.

By working through A New Normal, Mann says readers will work through their grief in a healthy, healing way. “Not only will you be stronger after the journey, but you will be better prepared to help others who may need you,” says Mann, whose wife Christine wrote the study questions for the book.

Mann pastors New Life Church in Denton, Texas—the town he grew up in. He holds a Ph.D. in New Testament from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and serves as Adjunct Professor of New Testament for Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Christine, have two teenage children. Christine Mann serves as the Women’s Minister for New Life Church. Learn more by visiting