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Fiction Friday Sale: A Touch of Sin $2.99

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A Touch of SinEvery week you can purchase Ambassador International’s Fiction Friday ebook selection at an incredibly low price on Amazon. This limited time sale will expire on Sunday so act fast! This week’s Fiction Friday selection is Bill D. Hallsted’s novel A Touch a Sin. A Touch of Sin is Hallsted’s third, and most exciting, novel about a pastor, embroiled in drugs, gangs and scandal after a month of bad decisions. Again it’s just$2.99 during our Fiction Friday sale.

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New Fiction for Fall

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There’s something about the dip in temperatures and the changing leaves that make the idea of curling up with a great book even more enticing this time of year. If you’re not sure what to read Ambassador International has three new page-turners perfect to put on your nightstand this fall.

The Red StonesThe Red Stones: What if you had to lose everything to discover your purpose?

Jehan’s world is completely turned upside down when he discovers his beloved home, the city of Mantessi, has vanished. Struggling to survive on his own, he finds shelter and work in a neighboring village as he wrestles with the magnitude of his loss. Desperate to find answers, he sets out to uncover the truth behind the loss of Mantessi and his family. BUY NOW


A Touch of SinA Touch of Sin: “What do you think you’re doing?” Titus yelled as the gang-banger blocking his car stepped out. “Go away! Leave me alone!”

The man named Jesus grinned wickedly. “Judgment day, preacher man,” he said. “Tell me where the money is, or you ain’t gonna make it home. Then I will go get your pretty blonde wife. And your daughter, too, preacher man. Now tell me where the money is, or I’ll tell you what I’m going to do to both of them.”

Titus grabbed the still-new gun and raised it, steadying his shaking hand on the top of the open car door. “Just stop right there! I’ve got a gun.”

How had things come to this? How could he, a devout and sincere man of God, be involved in a shoot-out with a member of a drug gang on a lonely road? How could he have done any of the things he had done in the past month? Had he traveled so far down this road there was no way back? BUY NOW

No Turning BackNo Turning Back: In 1898, Alex Meissen, son of a wealthy Austrian bureaucrat, falls in love with beautiful Katy Thannen, the household maid. Forbidden to marry, Alex devises a plan for them to sail to America to begin a new life together. When the plan fails, there is no turning back. Alone in New York City, Katy faces a devastating dilemma. If Alex finds her, can they start over considering the secret she now bears? BUY NOW