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Author Puts an End to Generations of Domestic Abuse, Alcoholism

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Pictures in Glass FramesShawn R. Jones Inspires, Revives and Encourages with New Book

For immediate release: Destruction and pain can travel from generation to generation. Just look at the statistics: boys who witnessed their parents’ domestic violence are twice as likely to abuse their own wives; the child of an alcoholic is 4 to 9 times more likely to develop the same problem, according to the Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism. Author Shawn R. Jones knows family trees can carry tragedy in their roots. “I have a lineage that is misshapen by domestic abuse and addiction,” explains Jones, a New Jersey native. “But it stops with me.”

In her new devotional Pictures in Glass Frames Jones reveals situations in which her family has been challenged and restored, guiding readers to move beyond their own tarnished history into a transformation with God. Jones’ was born to a poor 17-year-old who tried unsuccessfully to miscarry. “Over four decades ago, God decided that I should live. He had a plan for me even though I was ‘unplanned,’” explains Jones, “and he definitely has a plan for you.” From the shattered glass of tragedy to restoring the photos of your faith, readers will be revived and inspired by Pictures in Glass Frames.

Shawn R. Jones grew up in New Jersey, where she resides with her husband and two children. She is a graduate of Rutgers University, where she began her professional writing career. Her work as appeared multiple times Essence magazine and the New Women’s Voices Series. She currently worships at the Resurrection Center in Delaware under the leadership of Dr. S. Todd Townsend and Dr. Cleo V. Townsend.

Published by Ambassador International, Pictures in Glass Frames is will be widely available at retailers in early 2012. Visit for more information. To set up an interview with Shawn contact publicist Alison Storm at



New Biography Reveals Darker Side of Amish Culture

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Author Naomi Stutzman Shares Her Family’s Struggle Between Religious Bondage and Freedom in Faith

For immediate release: Simon refuses to submit to Amish authority. Community leaders demand that his wife must obey their rules, shunning her rebel husband. Together they become a perfect team to set their family free from the bondage of Amish “religion.” For the first time, their entire story is told in the new book, A Basketful of Broken Dishes, written by Simon and Susan’s daughter Naomi. “Growing up with an Amish background, I experienced ‘shunning’ first-hand and saw the devastating effects of leaving this close-knit community,” says Naomi. “My hope with this book is to show another side to the Amish lifestyle that is often not written about.”

Popularity in Amish literature has exploded. Most “bonnet books” as they’re called, are G-rated romances, often involving an Amish character who falls for an outsider. They’re Romeo-and-Juliet-style stories of forbidden love. A Basketful of Broken Dishes is also a story of the forbidden love of an Amish couple, only this story is completely true.

A new report from Elizabethtown College found that the Amish population in America is booming, doubling in the last 20 years. Growing up with an Amish background, Naomi comes from one of the largest extended Amish families recorded in Geauga County, Ohio, and she was the only one not born Amish. The passion for her Amish family grew as she saw the great example of love her parents had toward their relatives in spite of the shunning.

Naomi and her husband live in Twinsburg Ohio; they have four children and ten grandchildren. Published by Ambassador International, A Basketful of Broken Dishes is set for a late August 2011 release. Learn more at