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Ambassador Authors in the Media

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Times ExaminerSeveral Ambassador International authors have enjoyed sharing their stories and expertise recently with a variety of media outlets around the country. Here is a rundown of where you can check out these interviews:

Jim Geyer, author of Dad and Mom’s Country Wisdom: Everything I Know about the Bible I Learned on the Farm was featured in a front page article of The Times Examiner on Wednesday, July 25.

Stephen Goode, author of Marriage Triage: A Guide to Healing for the Hurting Spouse, was interviewed on WRHI’s program Palmetto Mornings on Wednesday, August 1. Listen to his interview on marriage, Chick-fil-A and recent Hollywood break-ups. Marriage Triage was also featured on Charlotte Area News.

Renee Metzler, author of Total Home Makeover: A 20-Day Plan to Renew Your Space and Spirit, was interviewed for the website The article features Renee’s tips in time for National Simplify Your Life Week.

Devotional Wherein the Lilies Grow by Jo Crosby received a great review from By the Book.

Bob and Kathy Basmadjian, authors of Abraham’s Journey: A Celebration of the American Dream, were interviewed on July 23 by Pastor Rick Tocquigny on his program Life Lessons Radio.

Dick and Pat Geyer, authors of Chaplains of the Bible, were interviewed by several radio outlets including for an upcoming broadcast of Wayne Shepherd’s First Person program.

New Children’s Book Dedicated to Restoring Faith in the American Dream

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AbeJourneyAbraham’s Journey Explains Importance of Personal Responsibility

For immediate release: The American dream is in jeopardy. Attitudes of want rather than need, expectations to have, rather than to have earned, have replaced thrift and hard work as cornerstones in modern day society. Written and illustrated to restore faith in the American dream, Abraham’s Journey: A Celebration of the American Dream (Ambassador International; May 2012; $14.99, paperback) tells the story of a young boy, who through his faith, imagination and entrepreneurial spirit, sets out to achieve the American dream.

Taking place during the Great Recession, the story begins with Abraham learning that his Mother and Father had recently lost their jobs. With Christmas not far away, and his parents unable to buy gifts for him and his sister, Abraham desperately wants to save Christmas for his family, the reality is, he too, has no money. But dreams can come true…where there’s a will and a way! “Our mission with this new venture is to inspire today’s youth, by instilling in them the values, principles and virtues necessary to achieve the American dream,” says co-author Robert Basmadjian. “Sadly, the American dream is at risk today. In an effort to provide a better way of life for our children, we have inadvertently fostered a culture of entitlement. Although well-meaning, this behavior has contributed to our children’s basic lack of understanding of the role that personal responsibility plays in their lives.”

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr, and famed pilot Amelia Earhart all make appearances in the pages of Abraham’s Journey. “Ironically, the very success of earlier American generations achieving the ‘dream’ has now led to a new generation, with very little, if any, motivation to pursue it,” says co-author Kathleen Basmadjian. “Attitudes of want rather than need, expectations to have, rather than to have earned, have replaced thrift and hard work as cornerstones in modern day society, threatening the American dream’s very existence.”

Husband and wife authors Robert and Kathleen Basmadjian currently live in New Jersey. Robert holds a Masters in communications from William Patterson College and Kathleen has a PhD in biology from The Catholic University of America.

To learn more about the authors and their book Abraham’s Journey: A Celebration of the American Dream, visit