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Ambassador Staff Picks: Find Out What We’re Reading!

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Till The Storm Passes ByNeed some inspiration about what to read right now? Here are some suggestions from our staff members:

Deana Browning, Office Manager:  As a lifelong Alaskan and recent transplant to South Carolina I was delighted to read the first book in our Alaskan Waters Series by AnnaLee Conti, Till the Storm Passes By.  A wonderful journey that weaves its way through the majestic beauty of the Alaskan frontier while captivating you with its characters.  Truly a book you don’t want to put down.

Tim Lowry, COO: I’m very excited to read the second edition of Reckless Abandon by David Sitton. In this book David makes a very bold and clear statement that you need to be ready to die for Christ, He is worth it! I think this is something we don’t like to think about here in America while in many other countries christians are risking their lives daily to further the gospel.

Brenda Covert, Editor: Azure Maris —not your typical mermaid tale! How big is your God? This work of fiction will challenge your thinking. It Help! Someone I Love is Depressedhooked me and reeled me in from the first page. Fascinating characters, settings, situations, and conflict abound, with contemporary church issues and an outsider’s view of the typical worship service thrown in for good measure. I can’t wait for the next book!

Anna Riebe, Digital Producer: The book I chose is Help, Someone I love is Depressed.  I found myself reading this book while turning it into an ebook and I am really looking forward to reading it in its entirety. Greg Russ writes in a way that is entertaining and easy to follow and the book is full of useful and helpful information pertaining to depression – a problem that many people struggle with.

Alison Storm, publicist: I highly recommend Paul Davis’ authorized biography, George Beverly Shea: Tell Me the Story. It was inspiring to read about how Bev Shea went from being a shy insurance salesman to singing on stages around the world with the Billy Graham evangelistic team.

Matt Mulder, Creative Director: Try to read Healing Hearts with dry eyes. Pediatric heart surgeon Hisashi Nikaidoh, MD relates his grief after losing his own son in a tragic accident. Through his work, he met eight amazing mothers who share their individual stories of losing a child.