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The ABC’s of Summer Reading 99¢ Sale: The Letter M

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Summer is a GREAT season for encouraging your little ones to read. That’s why Ambassador is launching the ABC’s of Summer Reading 99¢ Sale! We’ll be highlighting a different letter each week, all summer long. We’re moving right along this week with the letter M!

For one week only we’re offering two exciting children’s literature titles for just 99¢ each on iTunes! Pick up C. M. Needham’s ebook My Dad’s Birthday Surprise and Becky Hunt’s ebook My Grandma’s Crazy! for a discounted price for ebook during our one-week sale event. This special iTunes pricing will remain through July 26th, and then it will return to regular price.


My Dad’s Birthday Surprise

Synopsis: Jacob isn’t quite ten years old but he has a BIG problem.

His dad’s birthday is only a few days away and Jacob has only  $1.38 to contribute towards Dad’s birthday party.

To make matters worse, his dad won’t let him mow yards until after he turns ten, so he can‘t make any money! It’s a tight spot. How is he going to solve it?

Skateboard down Jacob’s street and knock on some doors with him as he uses his head to work out the problem. He learns a few things and even manages to teach his dad something as well. BUY NOW

My Grandma’s Crazy!

Synopsis: Grandma isn’t like other grandmas, she’s CRAZY! She zip lines through the jungles of Borneo, leads conga lines at weddings, and drives a sports car. And that’s not the half of it!

Grandma’s unconventional approach raises an eyebrow or two, but nothing will stop Grandma from having fun with her grandson and being his friend. BUY NOW