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New Christian Novel Explores Bond of Brotherhood

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Mississippi NightsAuthor Uses Volunteer Firefighting Experience to Bring Characters to Life

For immediate release: Philosopher Antisthenes once said “When brothers agree, no fortress is so strong as their common life.” But what happens when they hate each other? David and Jeremy Boyette were incredibly close until David’s fiancé perishes in a car fire that he believes his brother Jeremy could have prevented. Mississippi Nights, by author DM Webb, tells the story of bitterness, resentment and the power of love. Read what others are already saying about Webb’s debut novel:

I loved this book; I was so impressed with the depth of the characters. I am an avid reader an it is hard to find a book that I am completely absorbed in. It wasn’t the average love story where you knew the ending. I laughed and even got mad at the characters at times. Beautiful work that I recommend to anyone looking for a good read! –Ashley Means

Loved this book! DM’s characters are very real and she deals with the tough subject of alcoholism without shying away from it. I also loved the healing journey this book took you on and the story of forgiveness for not only those around you, but yourself and ultimately God. –Susan Tuttle
The characters in Mississippi Nights are well-drawn, each with his quirks, strengths and flaws– there are no stereotypes here. The secondary cast adds depth and richness. The beautiful Mississippi scenery is lovingly described, with each sense brought to life. It’s obvious the author loves her home state. –Carole Towriss

Webb drew from her experience as a volunteer firefighter and EMR to write with accuracy about the main characters, a firefighter and a police officer. Webb lives, along with her two sons and a variety of pets, in the beautiful state of Mississippi. She is an active member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). For more information visit the author’s website: To connect with the author please contact Ambassador International publicist Alison Storm via email at