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Last Chance for Pre-Order Freebies!

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To celebrate the launch of Kelly McCorkle Parkison’s highly anticipated new book He Knows Her Name: An Amazing Pursuit to Adopt From India, we’re offering the pre-order perks through TODAY! Kelly shares her exciting experiences going from the pageant stage, to the reality show spotlight, to the adventure-filled world of motherhood and adoption. BUY NOW on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Christian Book!

Order Kelly McCorkle Parkison’s new book He Knows Her Name and you’ll enjoy some great freebies and offers including:

Presale-Instagram+ A digital preview of the first six chapters

+ Exclusive Together In The Journey: 14-Day Devotional For Adopting Parents

+ Free download of Kyle Sherman’s latest single You Said My Name
+ A chance to win a handmade bracelet from LOFT218
Simply purchase your book from an online retailer and forward your receipt to [email protected] to receive your pre-order bundle!
The book is available at the following retailers:
Barnes and Noble
Christian Book