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Summer Reads: July Releases

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What’s on your summer reading list? Our July Releases fit every wish-list!




Fool’s Luck by Dave Milbrandt

In Dave Milbrandt’s novel, Fool’s Luck, one lucky lottery ticket launches high school teacher, Myles Bradford, into a presidential campaign. However, in Myles Bradford’s bid for the most powerful office in the land, he begins to lose all that is precious to him. Fool’s Luck begs the question: what price is too high to pay?

To follow along with author Dave Milbrant, check out his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub! Order Dave’s newest novel, Fool’s Luck, here!


Karrie’s Thorn: A Novel by Rev. Cheryl Anne Kincaid

In Reverend Cheryl Anne Kincaid’s novel, Karrie’s Thorn, one girl’s faith journey through foster care, abuse, rejection leads her to personal healing and empowerment. Karrie is a Christian, who finds herself removed from her abusive home and placed in foster care. Karrie struggles to balance the truth that God is good with the hardships she endures.

To follow along with author Rev. Cheryl Anne Kincaid, check out her website, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon! Order Cheryl’s newest novel, Karrie’s Thorn, here!


The Secret of Fire by J. J. Fischer:

The Secret of Fire finds El and Torsten in a land that has allowed the Outside in; separated and on the run from the man who seeks to destroy them, they explore the layered history of their beautiful, mysterious land. In The Secret of Fire, author J.J. Fischer once more explores the human condition by contrasting a medieval civilization with a WWII era one in this gripping, high-fantasy novel, leaving the reader grappling with his own human limitations. “Not all who live in chains are prisoners. Not all who win are victors.”

You can find J.J. on her website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Amazon, and Goodreads! Order J.J. newest novel, The Secret of Fire, here!


The Thrall’s Sword by Grace Caylor

The gripping tale of Sigrid, a slave girl meant to be a human sacrifice and spared – only to lose her mother to an evil
master. The Thrall’s Sword is a Viking adventure novel that weaves together the themes of loss, revenge, history, and even a spot of romance. Sigrid’s mother always told her, “Keep your head up.” Despite her hard life as a slave, Sigrid remains dignified. She keeps her head up when she is chosen to die on a funeral pyre as a
sacrificial slave.

You can find Grace on her website, her personal blog, Facebook, and Amazon! Order Grace’s newest novel, The Thrall’s Sword, here!






Hidden in Irish Hills by Mary Cates

When a surprise military action unfolds in the Mediterranean Sea that threatens world peace, Rachael decides to flee her New York City penthouse and move to her mansion in Irish Hills.“Rules and regulations turned the mansion into a place so different it seemed peculiar…she couldn’t help but feel like a stranger in her own home.” Hidden in Irish Hills tells the story of corrupt government, survival of natural disasters, courage against tremendous odds, the power of God’s presence, and faith that believes in miracles. “God’s presence would often meet them with power so strong a hush would come over them. When His presence came in fullness, no one could speak.

You can find Mary on her website, Amazon, and Bookbub. Order Mary’s newest novel, Hidden in Irish Hills, here!


The Broken Spear: Reformation Rising by Ruth Ann Ellinger

The Broken Spear.”follows the influential Carmichael Clan through 16th century Scotland as they struggle for freedom from the 1,000-year domination of Papal Rome. The Carmichael Clan dares to stand for what’s right as they set out on a quest to reveal the truth of God’s Word to all. The Scottish people have long been oppressed by the impenetrable stone of darkness, Papal Rome. After William Tyndale translated the Bible into English, the ignorance, superstition, and deception that the Scottish people had been living in was revealed. The new translation ignited the fires of the Protestant Reformation in the blood-soaked land
of Scotland as people were willing to sacrifice everything and pay the price for freedom. “Someone will sacrifice themselves to support a cause. Someone will pay the price

You can find Ruth Ann on her website, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Amazon! Order Ruth Ann’s newest novel, The Broken Spear: Reformation Rising, here!







Farewell to Hollywood by Michelle Keener

Farewell to Hollywood  is an achingly poignant tale of forgiveness, love, and the power of God’s grace that spans from  Malibu’s beaches to Hollywood’s stage. When a successful corporate lawyer and an ambitious movie producer collide, their paths and hearts are forever intertwined. But can they focus on their passions as well as each other, or will they be forced to say farewell forever?

You can find Michelle on her website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Amazon, and Goodreads! Order Michelle’s newest novel, Farewell to Hollywood, here!


Serpentine by Christy Dietz

From the inspiring mind of Christy Dietz comes Serpentine this season’s toe-curling, dystopian thriller. Esther is an orphan, fighting for survival in an America she no longer recognizes, one taken over by an evil new order, the Federation. Esther has nothing to lose but freedom itself, which makes her the unlikely leader of the resistance that rises to fight back and reclaim what was lost. Serpentine uses a post-apocalyptic universe to teach an age-old truth: “Mankind is the only one to blame for where we are; the original sin at its fruition.”

You can find Christy on her website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon! Order Christy’s newest novel, Serpentine, here!







Hollywood is Not Home: A Novel by Annmarie M. Roberts

Maggie Malone has what every little girl dreams of having: beauty, wealth, and fame. But with that lifestyle comes the paparazzi, crippling anxiety, and daily scrutiny of every area of her life – from her faith in God to the food she eats. Maggie longs for her southern roots where she grew up and flourished. Anxiety eats at her and begins to weaken her physical health as critics and paparazzi hound her; Maggie begins to wonder what price she is truly willing to pay for her peace of mind. When Maggie is presented with an intriguing opportunity: let a body double take her place in Hollywood and retreat to Home, a charming southern town intended to heal the exhausted starlet, she decides to seize the day. “Life is so mysterious. One day I make a kind impression on an old, widowed man. The
next day I am faced with a death threat.”

You can find Annmarie on her website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, Bookbub, and Amazon! Order Annmarie’s newest novel, Hollywood is Not Home, here!


Obstacles by Odelia Chan

Obstacles is a brilliant, insightful novel about Parkour and those who practice it, traceurs.Leah Jung is passionate about Parkour and becoming the best traceur she can be. However, she has one secret, disabling trauma—a fear of one specific move in the sport she calls her life. “The memory surfaced. Overcoming obstacles—all except that one. The botched kong-gainer. The pain, the anger, the bitterness, the trauma. Fear and doubts? They were all there.”

You can find Odelia on her website and on Amazon! Order Odelia’s newest novel, Obstacles, here!








You, Me, and the Stars & Her Sanctuary, His Heart by Michelle Dykman

Her Sanctuary, His Heart tells the story of a couple torn apart after the loss of a child. When the pair discovers one another again, their lives are immediately
threatened after they stumble upon an illegal poaching scheme. What follows is a journey of love, sacrifice, and trust after unimaginable loss.

You, Me, and the Stars  will melt the toughest heart with its tale of young love, the trials we face, and how God can ultimately change us into the people we long to be no matter what our age

You can find Michelle on her website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub! Order Michelle’s newest novel, Her Sanctuary, His Heart and You, Me, and the Stars by clicking on their links!



Runaway Home: A Contemporary Amish Romance by Amy Grochowski

Runaway Home is the story of second chances for a man whose tragic childhood caused him to leave the Amish. But can love ever redeem his desire for a home
and family with the woman he left behind? The pair remain separated, until one day, Noah returns to Prince Edward Island – and to Rachel. In Runaway Home, Noah and Rachel’s love fights to bridge the gap between the cowboy who ran away from the Amish and the Amish woman he left behind.

You can find Amy on her website, Twitter, FacebookInstagram, Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub! Preorder Amy’s newest novel, Runaway Home, here!







Fugitive of Faith by David Mathews

Pastor Pete Holloway is an ordinary Bible-believing in pastor, Iraqi war vet, husband, and father in San Francisco, California. His world is upended when he is called to the local police precinct to answer to charges of disseminating hate speech per the Hate Speech Elimination and Reparation Act recently voted into law by the state of California. Pastor Pete soon realizes that he must make a choice: remain home and be arrested or abandon his family and church and begin the life of a fugitive, searching for freedom. He chooses the latter, and the man of God becomes the man on the run. Fugitive of Faith is far more than a
dystopian “what if ” novel. It is an insightful, necessary soul search of the ordinary American Christian.

You can find David on his website, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and Goodreads! Oorder David’s newest novel, Fugitive of Faith, here!


We hope this list guides you to GREAT Christian books and inspires you in your spiritual walk and life. Happy reading!